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The Twelfth Sense

The twelfth sense is the human sense that governs all other senses. It is the treasure of all treasures, worth more than the philosopher’s stone, and whose ability is more powerful than the elixir of life. It is the higher self that remains constant and unchanging from birth till death. Mysterious forces call on the Prince of Dreams to embark on a journey in pursuit of the hidden treasure. On his travels, he searches for the treasure of treasures. He learns about the striking midpoint, the axis on which the world revolves. He discovers absolute, unwavering truth. He visits the Planet of  Senses and sees the power inherent in each of the twelve senses. He learns how each facilitates growth, good health, abundance, love, and successful relationships. He hears about the forces that created the universe and discovers the treasure of all treasures; a treasure more valuable than the philosopher’s stone and more powerful than the elixir of life. Finally, the twelfth sense is revealed to him. He is that sense that governs all senses. He is the eternal higher self which remains unchanged from birth till death.


The book on spiritual coaching is a fascinating story about a teacher who teaches a selected student all the secrets of life according to the Book of Creation during seven days and seven nights.

“My teachers say that all the secrets of life are written in the Book of Creation. The Book of Creation is the source of the secret, the seed and the root of the tree of life from which all the branches grow. The Book of Creation is the Hidden Light that has been seen from time immemorial. The world was not ready to receive the secret and thus it was concealed; only when humanity is found to be worthy of receiving the secret was the Zohar written, were the books of the Kabala written, were other secret books written on the basis of the Book of Creation. Only then did humanity begin to discover the secrets of life. According to tradition, Abraham our forefather wrote the Book of Creation. Abraham was the father of Israel and of Ishmael, of Jesus and Mohammed, of Lao Tse and Buddha, and of members of all religions and races today living in the world.

Throughout the course of human history spiritual teachers have come to the world to instruct man in his way to the light. The teachers have spoken different languages, have come from different cultures. Some teachers speak, some teachers sing, some teachers write books or poems. Some teachers are visible, while others are not seen. Spiritual teachers are found among us in different ways, according to human uniqueness. All the great spiritual teachers speak about the secrets of the Book of Creation, secrets that have never changed.”


Lousky Medications  are simple, familiar, and natural human acts.
There are no side effects No chances of overdosing 
No possibilities of harm incurring.
Lousky Medications Which are neither  home remedies nor conventional medicine. 
The Lousky medications are based on current and updated scientific research, and the wisdom of The Book of Creation.
Lousky medications are simple, familiar, and natural human acts. There are no side effects No chances of overdosing No possibilities of harm incurring.
Lousky medications are suitable For every age, everywhere, and at all times.
There is no need for a doctor’s prescription. They come at no cost, and are available everywhere, and at every time of day.


In the beginning.


You stand at the front door that will take you into the journey of reading experience, like observation process that many others when true it, the ambitions, the dreams, the accomplishments, the love, the happiness and the wealth. 
The book is written like cells, which combines into whole journey to success. 
Each cell is independent and each cell completes the others into whole sequence of experience, one whole body.  
Many people want to see, to touch, to feel joy, to experience success. 
When they are out of borders, they want to enter inside, into the heart of success. 
When they are inside the process, it is hard for them. 
Many find the appropriate excuse and give up the process, give up the possibility to reach joy, to experience success. 
These people give up on their goals as well as on the process itself. 
If you are one of the “searchers”, you are in the right place. 
There is no need that everything comes clear to you from the first reading, the book is yours, look inside once in a while, and in time you will notice something new for yourself. 
 All that’s been said here is not new for you and yet, not all is revealed. You know that everything has a good reason, be sure that everything is for the best and everything is good. 
The information comes to you at the right time, information is absorbed by you only when you ready for it. 
Eventually, all of us “search” the way which will help us to see who we are, to be quiet, to feel joy and to experience endless success. 
 I recommend you to read this book from the beginning to the end in one time, one breath. After the first reading, make this book your daily play. Select one cell and see what you have chosen and what the meaning of it is. 
 If you find in this book something that can help a friend of yours, do the proper action and buy this book as a gift for your friend. It is always better than giving an advice which nobody hears. 
I hope you will enjoy reading this book.


The world, according to the Book of Creation, is divided into 32 paths. Every path includes variables that suit the frequency of the path. Treatment of one of the variables will favorably influence the other variables on the same path.
All the variables that are commensurate with the path frequency embody the human potential of the path and it is called ‘intelligence’, or in the language of the Book of Creation, ‘wonderful paths of wisdom’. Intelligence can be corrected, maintained, and improved, like a muscle, by free will.
Treatment with integrated medicine is performed using ‘holistic medicines’, which are simple human actions directed at receiving or giving, such as hugging, sleeping, showering, walking, smiling, laughing, drinking, taking a trip, shopping, and going to the sea. In addition, the following treatment techniques are used: massage, healing, acupuncture, Bach flowers, healing plants, psychotherapy, the arts, dreams, psychodrama, meditation, guided imagery, creation cards, chirology, poetry, stories, process, experience journey, and nutrition. .
Integrated medicine is an innovative and practical development of the Book of Creation into an integrated educational and treatment method – holistic spiritual psychotherapy for the balance of the body and mind, through the 32 intelligences with the integration of the arts. Integrated medicine is a format for the inclusion, association, connection, and integration of the different treatment and therapy techniques in the world of medicine, in all their forms, for the creation of a whole integrated medicine

combines treatment methods from different worlds and levels, body and soul – the combination of the scientific medicine, meaning, medications and surgeries alongside with holistic treatment methods. In the physical level, there will be treatments such as acupuncture, movement, massage, nutrition. In the emotional level, will be treatment methods, such as, combining arts, healing, and psychodrama. Mental treatment methods, such as, guided imagination, conversation, and questioning. At last, in the spiritual level, there will be treatment methods, such as meditation, the feedback way, forgiveness and prayer. The integrative health gives an answer for the different aspects of human body and soul and sees all his parts and levels uniting into one complete unit.

The five central characteristics to schematize and to create a framework of the integrative health via 32 intelligences, for medical centers and therapists are the health scale, the engine to a change, lousky remedies , the treatments basket, and the therapists’ cycle. These five central characteristics are the consequences of the 32 paths (intelligences) pattern as it is indicated in the Book of creation 
During your transformation and your growth, you lose close friends, sometimes you get stronger and sometimes you lose your relationship, at the end of the process you gain everything you didn’t have
before, and it’s always a lot more than you had.
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