Secrets of the Book of Creation

Secrets of the Lost Book

financial independence? 
love and successful relationships?

secrets of the book of creation

The best kept Secrets of the Book of Creation 
Have been hidden from you for 3800 years.
They have “stolen” the secrets from you for themselves….

Now is your time to watch the exposing video
and understand how it happened

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secrets of the book of creation

What you'll learn

– Create practical action plans to help people attain their goals.

– Raise awareness in people with robust questioning processes.

– Coach people through change and modifying unhelpful behaviour.

– Communicate with people in a way that builds trust and rapport.

– Develop essential people skills & increase your social awareness.

– Compassionately examine unhelpful beliefs, attitudes and habits.

– Implement a valuable set of perspectives and coaching models.

– Fast-track your personal growth and professional development.

– Cultivate self-awareness, self-discipline and social effectiveness.

– How to design and deliver a succession of Life Coaching sessions.

– Help people to establish goals that naturally motivate them.


Secrets of the Lost Book

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Dr. lousky daniel PhD

Dr lousky daniel

Dr. lousky daniel PhD

Dany Lousky, the little boy who emigrated to Israel from Morocco as a Jewish refugee, enlisted in the military and served in the Israeli intelligence corps.
He was a businessman and held the position of CEO in public finance companies in Israel, and project manager of a national project under the leadership of Yitzchak Rabin, the serving prime minister of Israel.

Dany left the world of business and devoted himself to the study of the wisdom of the Kabbalah, where he spent seven years studying under the guidance of leading Kabbalah teachers of our generation.

He has written 17 books, inspired by TheBook of Creation, the great book which speaks ofthe secrets of life.

Over the course of 30 years of research,
Dr Dany Lousky developed a unique therapeutic approach,
which utilizes the 32 intelliegences.
This approach has helpedmillions of people worldwide create a better reality and to live a life that they love.

Dany Lousky has been blessed with a loving family, six children, and eight grandchildren.

The Lousky Method is currently taught all around the world via online courses and books.


Secrets of the Book of Creation

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