Hero of the Book of Creation

Secrets of the Lost Book

by Eli Yehezkeli
Newspaper editor of “Hametzuda”
(“The Fortress”)

“For many years I stammered, living with the knowledge that I was not deserving, not wanted, did not belong, was introverted, ashamed of who I was, until I found The Book of Creation.”

I met Dr. Dany Lousky, the man who created and developed the Lousky Method that is currently being taught all over the world, and developed 32 innovative intelligence tests inspired by The Book of Creation.

The conversation began in a surprising way, with him describing himself: “I was an incompetent child – in fact they defined me as lacking intelligence  and as such I did not receive a scholarship to continue my 10th grade studies.” (It used to be that one had to pay for one’s studies in grades 10, 11, and 12 or else receive funding from the state). “I was a new immigrant from Morocco,” he tells me proudly, “I didn’t speak Hebrew, I loved to draw, to take photographs, to read and act out Moliére, to play the clarinet and saxophone, and to dance all the time.”

And did you take an interest in any other fields?

No, he answers, “I was not interested in bible studies, Hebrew, geography, mathematics. I simply did not understand how these would help me in life, so I did not learn any of those which are these days called core subjects. I also did not receive funding, but I did get labelled incompetent.”

How did you deal with that negative label?

That negative label propelled me to achieve great success in all areas of my life. Ever since then I wanted to prove to myself that I am capable: I tried harder than anybody else in everything that I did, because the social measure in academia and in institutional and business frameworks, was a measure of mathematical and verbal logical abilities.

What didn’t you like about all the tests’ requirements?

“For many years I wavered, living with the knowledge that I was not deserving, not wanted, did not belong, was introverted, ashamed of who I was. I suffered greatly from different anxieties, primarily stage fright. In order to overcome all of these pitfalls I had to melt myself down to the most basic raw material and find my true self deep inside. It took many years of hard work. When I found myself, everything began to go smoothly.”

How? How did you find yourself?

I found myself, thanks to The Book of Creation – my great light. The Book of Creation was written according to the tradition of Abraham. The knowledge that I am learning and developing through The Book of Creation which, to some degree, also continues the work of Abraham in some way, is a great privilege. This privilege has been sustaining my enthusiasm and perseverance already for decades. I have always thought to myself… “If I can, anybody can.”

Dr. Lousky’s hunger for investigating human intelligence began when he was 10 years old in the Bnei Akira youth movement in Tirat Carmel, and used to pray in synagogue. One day, while praying, he suddenly understood that people were praying to God within themselves. God does not actually sit in the sky and hand out money, health, love or success  according to human standards.

The young Dany noticed that when people truly set an intention for their prayer, they receive what they request. He saw that every person set such an intention in his own individual way, and understood that prayer and intention have clear results in reality. He saw that intention can come in many shapes and forms – he saw people singing, others dancing, some who muttered, some who wept silently. In the eyes of the God that dwells within them it did not matter if they were engineers or lawyers, rich or poor, shoemakers or carpenters. Outside of synagogue, people were accepted or rejected according to their profession or wealth, but to the good God, all are equal and the determining factor is their will and intention.

The young Dany grew up in a family of many children with a homemaker mother and a father who worked the printing press. Though his father was always happy with what he was, his surroundings and the system treated it with contempt. He remembers how low his father’s self-image was as a result of social disdain. Everyone aspired to be rich – an engineer or a lawyer – but not little Dany, who already understood that life offers many other possible ways to find happiness. Dany grew up faced with discrimination and prejudice regarding ethnic origin, age, sex, neighborhood, one’s father’s profession and income. A person could not actually be anything he wanted to be – people do what is expected of them. As a child Dany understood that this was not right. At a certain stage in his life, he already recognized that the root of the problem was in the society’s educational approach, according to which one can gauge human ability through one measure alone – IQ tests. With his special senses, he understood that people have more than one ability. People have multiple capabilities and multiple intelligences. This understanding constituted a dramatic turn for him and he decided to take it upon himself to investigate the 32 human abilities as taught by The Book of Creation. The Book of Creation is the most ancient source to decree that people can be whatever they wish to be. This is the simplest expression of free will.

According to The Book of Creation, every person has 32 abilities (or intelligences), through which he understands the world, and by which he creates his own reality. This approach paved the way for anyone wanting the possibility of being what he wants to be. This vision brings more light and happiness into the hearts of man. This is the personal vision of young Dany, which he has been diligently working towards for 30 years. He concludes:

“When I found The Book of Creation, I understood that I am its hero, but the most important thing is that now everyone can be the hero of The Book of Creation, everyone can learn the secrets of The Book of Creation and can be Their best version in any field he may choose.”


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