My vision and mission in life is to spread the secrets of the Book of Creation.
Secrets of the Book of Creation can make real miracles for every person.
These are secrets that have been kept for over 3800 years, I have studied the Book of Creation for nearly 30 years and found a simple formula that anyone can apply in his life.
Now is the time for anyone anywhere in the world to reveal the secrets to be his own best version.
There were two reasons that prevented me from moving quickly with my vision
1. Money to publish the secrets of the Book of Creation all over the world in all media
2. Everyone who receives the secrets should be committed to them through purchase, even a symbolic price

I want to send the Secrets of the Book of Creation course for free to anyone who needs some joy in his life or upgrade himself to the best possible version. The problem is that in order to reach a lot of people all over the world, I have to advertise on Facebook and Google, and to advertise on both these channels and on other channels, I need a lot of money. And the truth is that when you give a course that costs $ 175 for free, it is not worth anything to the recipient and he either does not really learn anything or make a change in his life.

So we turn to those who have money and ask them to help us finance our campaign to reach all people who need some joy in their lives.
Our bank details are down here,

Lousky College

First International Bank of Israel (31)
Branch 135
Account # 326720

We will be happy to receive any donation you can. Thank you.

Dr. dany lousky

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