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We decided to give you the opportunity to try the special meditation we’ve developed for over two years.
We hope that after you experience this special meditation,
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To understand:
–   How to use the best kept secrets?
– How does it work?
– What does it do?
– How does this affect your life?
5. How to aim to your purposes?
6. How to be the best version of yourself

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One -a 7 minute audio file to practice the technology.

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Three – bonus – best seller – spiritual coaching – PDF file

Four – Bonus – The original Book of Creation in Hebrew

Five – Bonus – The Book of Creation translated into English

Six – A quick guide to how to use the technology

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Quick Guide

Lous-Yoga meditation – video


The Complete Guide to the Secrets of
the Book of  Creation – PDF version

the Book of Creation – he
original version – bonus

the Book of Creation – en – bonus

Spiritual Coaching Book – bonus

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