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About Dr. Lousky Daniel

Dr. lousky Daniel

Dr. lousky Daniel

Dany Lousky, the little boy who emigrated to Israel from Morocco as a Jewish refugee, enlisted in the military and served in the Israeli intelligence corps.
He was a businessman and held the position of CEO in public finance companies in Israel, and project manager of a national project under the leadership of Yitzchak Rabin, the serving prime minister of Israel.

Dany left the world of business and devoted himself to the study of the wisdom of the Kabbalah, where he spent seven years studying under the guidance of leading Kabbalah teachers of our generation.

He has written Dozens of books, inspired by TheBook of Creation, the great book which speaks ofthe secrets of life.

Over the course of 30 years of research,
Dr Dany Lousky developed a unique therapeutic approach,
which utilizes the 32 intelliegences.
This approach has helped millions of people worldwide create a better reality and to live a life that they love.

Dany Lousky has been blessed with a loving family, six children, and eight grandchildren.

The Lousky Method is currently taught all around the world via online courses and books

Dr. Dany Lousky PhD 

Dany Lousky is the creator and developer of The Lousky Method, the innovative i32 intelligence tests. He is the chairman of the Department for Complementary Health Professions, the Israeli umbrella organization for complementary medicine. Dr. Lousky has written 14 books about life, education, health and the secrets of success according to The Book of Creation.

A few words from my heart to yours

“Already in my childhood I was incompetent – they actually defined me as unintelligent and therefore I did not receive a scholarship to continue my studies in tenth grade. (It used to be that one had to pay for school for grades 10, 11 and 12 or to get funding from the state). I was a new immigrant from Morocco and I did not speak Hebrew. I loved to draw, to take photographs, to read and act out Moliére, to play the clarinet and saxophone, and to dance all the time. I was not interested in bible studies, Hebrew, geography, mathematics. I simply did not understand how these would help me in life, so I did not learn any of those which are these days called core subjects. I also did not receive funding, but I did get labelled incompetent. That negative label propelled me to achieve great success in all areas of my life. Ever since then I wanted to prove to myself that I am capable: I tried harder than anybody else in everything that I did, because the social measure in academia and in institutional and business frameworks, was a measure of mathematical and verbal logical abilities. For many years I wavered, living with the knowledge that I was not deserving, not wanted, did not belong, was introverted, ashamed of who I was. I suffered greatly from different anxieties, primarily stage fright. In order to overcome all of these pitfalls I had to melt myself down to the most basic raw material and find my true self deep inside. It took many years of hard work. When I found myself, everything began to go smoothly. I found myself, thanks to The Book of Creation – my great light. The Book of Creation was written according to the tradition of Abraham. The knowledge that I am learning and developing through The Book of Creation which, to some degree, also continues the work of Abraham in some way, is a great privilege. This privilege has sustained my enthusiasm and perseverance for tens of years. I have always thought to myself… “If I can, anybody can.”

I believe that education and life principles are at the root of the reality of our lives.

The I believe

I believe that teaching positive life principles is an extraordinarily powerful tool for treating health, cultivating the joy of life, having breakthroughs and success, maintaining good partnerships and love of mankind. From a young age I was already very active in a variety of educational frameworks. I began as a counselor to street youth, went on to manage a community center, then serve as the chairman of the community center’s administration, as well as chairman of two high schools, supervisor for the Ministry of Education, and head of the Lousky College for training therapists. I served as the chairman of the Department for Complementary Health Professions, the Israeli umbrella organization for complementary medicine. Over the course of twenty years of research, I developed an educational and treatment method called “the Lousky Method”, based on the wisdom of The Book of Creation. I have written Dozens of books inspired by The Book of Creation. The Book of Creation, attributed to our patriarch Abraham, established 3800 years ago that every person possesses 32 intelligences through which he understands life and with which he creates his own reality. The good news is that it is possible to train these types of intelligence like a muscle for the purposes of repair or modification. This means that every individual can be what he wishes to be, according to his own free will. This is my vision that motivates and gives purpose to my work.

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Lousky was born in Casablanca, Morocco, to a family of 13 children. He immigrated to Israel with the entire family during the large wave of ‘aliyah’ (or immigration) from Morocco. At age 12 he was already a counselor for youth in the Bnei Akiva movement. He served in the IDF and immediately afterwards returned to mentor youth in Tirat Carmel working with street gangs and at risk kids. He managed the community center in Tirat Carmel and later became the chairman of the community center board. Later he served as the chairman of the board of the high schools’ Education Company in Tirat Carmel in a volunteer capacity. During those same years, the Ministry of Education recruited Dr. Lousky and his talents as a leader and supervisor on behalf of their Youth Division, to treat at risk youth in development towns. Later, Dr. Lousky returned to manage the national project “Mifneh ‘97” (Turning Point ‘97) for the office of the Prime Minister, which helped to rebuild the infrastructure of the educational system.

Dr. Lousky’s special character and his deep rooted love of mankind led him to dedicate himself to bringing people together and educating young people, rehabilitating families and educating at risk children. Dr. Lousky’s hunger for investigating human intelligence began when he was 10 years old in the Bnei Akira youth movement in Tirat Carmel, and used to pray in synagogue. One day, while praying, he suddenly understood that people were praying to the God within themselves. God does not actually sit in the sky and hand out money, health, love or success according to human standards.

The young Dany noticed that when people truly set an intention for their prayer, they receive what they request. He saw that every person sets such an intention in his own individual way, and understood that prayer and intention have clear results in reality. He saw that intention can come in many shapes and forms – he saw people singing, others dancing, some who muttered, some who wept silently. In the eyes of the God that dwells within them it did not matter if they were engineers or lawyers, rich or poor, shoemakers or carpenters. Outside of synagogue, however, a person’s place was measured by the yardstick of their profession, wealth, or ethnic origins.

The young Dany grew up in a family of many children with a homemaker mother and a father who worked the printing press. Though his father was always happy with what he was, his surroundings and the system treated it with contempt. He remembers how low his father’s self-image was as a result of social disdain. Everyone aspired to be rich – an engineer or a lawyer – but not little Dany, who already understood that life offers many other possible ways to find happiness. Dany grew up faced with discrimination and prejudice regarding ethnic origin, age, sex, neighborhood, one’s father’s profession and income. A person could not actually be anything he wanted to be – people do what is expected of them. As a child Dany understood that this was not right. At a certain stage in his life, he already recognized that the root of the problem was in the society’s educational approach, according to which one can gauge human ability through one measure alone – IQ tests. With his special senses, he understood that people have more than one ability. People have multiple capabilities and multiple intelligences. This understanding constituted a dramatic turning point for him and he decided to take it upon himself to investigate the 32 human abilities as taught by The Book of Creation. The Book of Creation is the most ancient source to decree that people can be whatever they wish to be. This is the simplest expression of free will.

The life story of Dr. Lousky encompasses the life and assimilation stories of all the children of immigrants from Morocco and the diasporas to Israel with the social, educational and cultural coping and managing that accompanied their absorption and their love of life.

Bibliography – Books written by Dr. Dany Lousky

The Nine Cosmic Powers for Success

Hidden secrets of the unseen light.

  • Children Longing for God

Practical tools for changing and creating reality.

  • The Lousky Method

Life wisdom of the 32 intelligences. 740 pages. An in-depth workbook for treatment and good health.

  • The Twelfth Sense

A story about the treasure that is greater than the philosopher’s stone and stronger than the elixir of life.

  • Rich, Happy and Sexy

Spiritual laws for the creation of abundance.

  • The Book of Processes

Arts as languages for healing and coaching.

Mandatory workbook for group facilitators and teachers.

Integrative Medicine

Mandatory research book for therapists, doctors and educators.

  • Intelligence Tests i32

Diagnosis of human potential – 32 forms of intelligence.

The Secrets of Success

32 gateways to success – the complete practical guide.

  • Lousky Medicines

Natural self coaching and therapy.

Non-chemical medicines, not home remedies.

  • Kabbalistic Creation Cards

Creative games, practice of the concepts, content.

  • Lous-Yoga

Yoga of numbers and letters.

  • With God’s Help

The power of the letters of God, the meaning of God.

Additionally, Dr. Lousky has written many scripts for movies and series, as well as children’s books, all inspired by The Book of Creation.


2007 – Innovative Intelligence Tests – i32

2005 – Integrative Medicine

Formal Education


2006-2007 – Doctorate (PhD) in Education – Intelligence Tests.

Constantine The Philosopher University in Nitra

2004-2005 – Master’s Degree (MA) – Holistic Health and the Arts. Lesley University.

1973-1976 – Bachelor’s Degree (BA) – Special Education. University of Haifa.

Following his military service, Dr. Lousky began his formal education. He completed the matriculation exams and in 1973 began his first degree in special education at the University of Haifa. He completed his Master’s degree in holistic health in 2005 at Lesley University in Boston, and in 2007 completed his doctoral thesis on the topic of intelligence exams i32 at Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, in Slovakia.

Dr. Dany Lousky’s unique contributions to society

The primary themes of his contributions:

  • The Book of Creation as a book of rules for creating reality
  • The Book of Creation as the source of the 32 educational life principles and as a key to success
  • The Book of Creation as a form for integrative medicine and a prescription for good health
  • The Book of Creation to foster understanding of human personality and the i32 intelligence tests


The Book of Creation as a book of rules for creating reality

The Book of Creation, attributed to our forefather Abraham, opens with a dramatic declaration: “In the thirty-two wondrous paths wisdom are engraved (…) ten spheres of nothingness and twenty-two foundation letters.” Which is to say, God created the world with thirty-two rules of creation, which are also the rules with which man creates his own personal world. God’s activity, supposedly the primary matter presented in the Book of Creation, according to Prof. Yehuda Liebes, serves as the role model for human activity.

Investigation of the Book of Creation accompanied Dr. Lousky’s extensive and comprehensive work over twenty years. The Book of Creation is the premise for the research and books written by Dr. Lousky. His acquaintance with the Book of Creation was timed precisely with the moment that he was prepared and ready. He first heard of the Book of Creation at one of the Kabbalah classes he would regularly attend. In the introduction to his book on the Lousky method he writes: “I was mesmerized. I read the Book of Creation hundreds of times in a row. I loved what I found – indeed, from that day forth I learned everything from it. I spent days and nights contemplating the significance and principles that I saw through reading and observing the book. I investigated the Book of Creation, from what was written in it and from what other commentators said and wrote about it.” Over the years, Dr. Lousky amassed extensive information from the lists and writings of scholars, scientists and rabbis that were uniquely touched by the Book of Creation and its interpretation.

Every crumb of information that passed through his hands was checked and compared with what he saw and experienced from within what was written and the interpretations that he found there. The interpretations that Dr. Lousky found for the Book of Creation were supported by the conclusions of other scholars and rabbis. In many cases, he first saw and interpreted the writings himself and only afterwards sought support and similar interpretations by additional scholars. This approach allowed him freedom of inquiry in his unique interpretations of the Book of Creation. In this way he got to the model of the 32 intelligences, the 32 principles of life and integrative medicine.

Over the years, Dr. Lousky investigated the meaning of the intelligences and the life principles for the purpose of changing reality with thousands of participants in workshops and courses in self awareness that took place all over the country.

He taught in courses and lectures in Haifa, in the Krayot, Tiberias, Tzfat, Rishon Letzion, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem. Among the workshop participants were some who sought understanding of the essence of life and the soul of man. Some of them came to learn a therapeutic profession, and there were also those professionals, doctors, nurses and medical support staff who wished to learn and to apply the principles of integrative medicine in medical centers.


Dr. Lousky’s interpretation of the Book of Creation, influenced by 4 main sources:

  1. The interpretations of kabbalists, rabbis and scientific researchers of the Book of Creation.
  2. Scientific studies and research in the field of defining intelligence and models of development.
  3. Field work with thousands of participants in courses and workshops led by Dr. Lousky.
  4. Work with patients and subjects, through whom he was able to examine the differences between the different principles and to define their meanings in his distinct way.

Dr. Lousky’s work to provide an orderly and structured interpretation of the Book of Creation led him to write 14 books.

Each book discusses the group of intelligences (paths) according to the Book of Creation.

His first book, “The Nine Cosmic Powers for Success”, deals with the world of creation according to the Book of Creation. The book discusses the ten emotional intelligences. It was written entirely in one flow. The writing began with a sketch of nine powers in the shape of a circle with the names of the nine intelligences noted according to their order within the circle, and their interpretation. The center of the circle is the tenth intelligence which symbolizes the reality that was actually created.

When he finished writing his first book he felt that his life was over, until that same night, the title of the second book came to him, and only then was he reborn into his life’s destiny and purpose.

Years later he wrote his sixth book: “Integrative Medicine” – a unique book of research. This book is the total opposite of the first in the way it was written. The book was written structurally and in accordance with the rules of science writing. This is also the book that presents the integrative medicine template for therapists and physicians. The book brings together, organizes and explains the rationale behind all of Dr. Lousky’s previous books.

Much of the work that he did ultimately led to the creation of the therapeutic and educational method called the ‘Lousky Method’. “The Lousky Method” book (740 pages) brings together all the knowledge that he has gathered over the years.

The Book of Creation as the source of the 32 educational principles of life and the key to success

Dr. Dany Lousky observed, investigated, defined and formulated the 32 life principles for providing moral education as a way of life according to the 32 pathways of the Book of Creation. The 32 defined principles are 32 core values, each of which exists on four dimensions.

The 32 principles constitute a tool for changing reality. Negative life principles are the source of mishaps, pains and illness. Positive life principles influence our will to live, and  the quality of our health, our ability to succeed in a career, partnership and family, and even the status of our bank account. Positive life principles affect our outward appearance, our mental strength, and our vitality. In fact – health, money, success and destiny are acquired through life principle educational and training processes. When life principles change, reality also changes.

The Book of Creation as a form for integrative medicine and prescription for good health


Dr. Lousky appeared before attendees of the international conference for integrative medicine in Jerusalem in October of 2010 and spoke about an application model and vision for integrative medicine.

His vision of health as an educational process led him to research integrative medicine. From 2003 to 2007, Dr. Lousky conducted phenomenological qualitative research on integrative medicine. During the period of research he spent a month as a guest at Global Hospital at Mount Abu in India, and saw an integrative health model in action. He visited and collaborated with a number of medical centers in Israel and visited Assaf Harofeh Medical Center, which pioneered the integration of complementary medicine. Dr. Lousky led a medical team in an quality of life project at the Herzog hospital in Jerusalem for one year, spent time in monasteries and ashrams, and learned and tried many methods of complementary medicine. He conducted qualitative research with many therapists and volunteers, studied materials from a variety of sources, interpreted them through crosschecking the findings with other scholars, rabbis, kabbalists, and monks. He wrote a book on his research principles called “Integrative Medicine”.


Research Findings:


Integrative medicine has five characteristics: the ladder of health, the engine of change, Lousky medicines, the assortment of therapies and the cycle of therapists.


The Ladder of Health

The ladder includes the 32 intelligences that create the four dimensions. Research findings show that every person has 32 intelligences and life principles that make up a unique profile, through which he understands life and by which he achieves goals and creates reality. Each intelligence includes a range of variables that create body-mind connections (organ, principle, sound, color, time, space). The 32 body organs are connected to the 32 life principles. Positive life principles will positively affect body function, just as medication or surgery will affect the approach to life. Everything is connected. The intelligences and life principles can be trained, using free will, like a muscle. Findings show that when life principles change, reality also changes.

Four Dimensions

As mentioned, the 32 intelligences create four dimensions. If we observe each dimension separately, we will find 12 intelligences in the physical dimension which are characterized by the need for personal security, shelter and a healthy body. In the emotional dimension there are 10 intelligences, characterized by love and its products such as: belonging, relationship, favor, warmth, words of encouragement, appreciation and more. In the dimension of the intellect are 7 intelligences that characterize career, beliefs, attitudes and values. In the spiritual dimension, the 3 intelligences characterize the capacity to give, free will, self-realization, designation, vision and purpose. The four dimensions reflect the holistic approach to seeing a complete person, his needs, desires, challenges, the tasks and responsibilities he has taken upon himself, for a full life and holistic health.

The Engine of Change

The never-ending struggle between the desire to give and the desire to receive shapes free will and requires observation and awareness. The desire to receive is a natural human impulse with a downward pull towards the physical dimension, with “me” at the center, while the desire to give requires effort and ascension of the ladder toward the spiritual dimension, with the “other” at the center. The transition from the desire to give to the desire to receive and the reverse, initiates change in the personality structure. If a person is always in the receiving mode, the necessary change is to give of himself. If a person is only and always giving of themselves, his medicine is to learn to receive. Going up and down the ladder of health is the engine of change.

Lousky Medicines

Lousky medicines are simple human activities which are intended to give or receive. The intention for each action is to turn a simple human action into a medicine. Many studies point to a high positive correlation between intentional human actions and health. One example of such a medicine is: “go to your clothes closet and gather up all the items that you have not worn in two years or more. Pass them on to another person who could use them with the intention of giving from yourself to another.” Gathering your clothes indiscriminately is like binging on food and is actually a form of desire to receive, the opposite action to the natural state. Giving instead of receiving initiates a change in educational principles. Changes in principles, like changes in personality structure, create a new reality.


The Assortment of Therapies


Study findings show that the method of therapy must be adapted based on its ability to treat a particular dimension. I will give several examples for each dimension. Therapies suitable to the physical dimension include: movement, acupuncture, nutrition, and of course all forms of medicines and surgeries. Therapies suitable to the emotional dimension include: psychodrama, arts, music and singing, drawing, sculpture, dance, and experiential processes. Therapies that are well-suited to the intellectual dimension include: conversation about the life principles, sharing, and guided visualization. Therapies suitable to the spiritual dimension include: meditation, prayer, visualization, destiny and purpose. Throughout treatment, we would not ask a person to do meditation in order to address his B12 deficiency, nor would we ask a patient to avoid eating cheese in order to address issues in his romantic relationship. We will choose a treatment technique based on its ability to address a particular level or dimension. We will treat a B12 deficiency through proper nutrition and we will treat a relationship with conversation or psychodrama.

The Journey of The Intelligences

Research findings show that every human action is a journey in the four dimensions. Each effect occurs simultaneously in each of the four dimensions. It was found that the emotional lack – love and its products is the motive of every human process.

Treatment Story Explains the Model’s Findings:

Doctor Amit sent me a patient for treatment that had been diagnosed with high blood pressure. The physician did not see a need to prescribe medication to reduce the patient’s blood pressure at this stage, and recommended an integrative approach. In conversation with the patient, he repeated key sentences that described his situation in each of the four dimensions – the key phrases describing the reality in the physical dimension: “I am always stressed, I have no time, I don’t even have the time to check in with myself, my whole body hurts, I am constantly binge-eating, my weight and blood pressure are sky-high.” Here are some key phrases that point to the emotional lack that is also driving the whole process: “I am very angry, I am mostly angry at God, what kind of world did he create.” Here are some key sentences that repeat themselves which present mistaken values in the intellectual dimension: “I told you, I knew that, I know I know, I always do good work, always, just ask me don’t ask other people.” Here is a sentence that presents the lack of balance in the spiritual sphere: “I want it all for myself, just for me, I am not satisfied with anything.”

The treatment will be integrated-

In the physical dimension it was decided to treat the binge eating with a change in nutrition, physical activity, acupuncture and training tasks to address the time-management problems. On the emotional level it was decided to address the anger and lack of self-love through psychodrama and arts. The intellectual dimension was treated with expertise, correctness and clarity through conversation regarding positive life values and guided visualization. On the spiritual level it was decided to address the constant pressure through daily meditation, changing life habits, and in some cases also conversation regarding longer term vision, purpose and designation. The integrated treatment will touch upon the root of the problem at the emotional level with the goal of stabilizing and even improving the chances of lowering blood pressure.

The cycle of therapists

The integrative medicine treatment is carried out in the ten structured stages of the cycle of therapists according to the Book of Creation, such that the treatment takes into consideration life principles, life cycles, habits, family, society, past, present and future, work, career, emotional needs, physical needs, meaning, self image, and treating the whole person. The process that the patient undergoes is an educational process that ultimately instigates a change in values, in order to change one’s reality.

The vision of integrated medicine

A patient arrives to the emergency room. After the first treatment, the patient is sent to the appropriate department for continued treatment. In the department is a medical team as well as an integrative medicine practitioner. After the initial diagnosis, the department doctor consults with the integrative medicine practitioner regarding the patient’s psycho-spiritual problems. After their conversation, the doctor decides on a course of medicine accompanied by personal conversations, nutrition, acupuncture, and a referral to a support group. After the patient’s condition is stabilized, he is referred to the integrative medicine department, where they will determine a course of integrative treatment for him including: nutrition, acupuncture, personal conversations with a Lousky therapist and participation in a study group for conscious creativity. In the department for integrative medicine there are scheduled activities such as meditation, yoga practice, and listening and support meetings for patients and their families.

This is Dr. Lousky’s vision for integrative medicine – this is the integrative model that Dr. Lousky wishes to implement in medical centers all over the world.

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