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Make Process an Objective

Do not forget your true objective – your happiness. Pay attention – there is no importance to the objective you set. It is important that the road to the objective be paved with the joy of life, satisfaction, and fun, since this is what you are truly seeking. The reason why you set objectives is to create a process and way. The moment the process is created, the objective does not have true importance, what is important is what you produce on the way to the objective. Therefore, at the end of each day examine whether you produce happiness on the way to your objectives. That way you will know with certainty whether you are on the way to your destiny.

Make happiness into your compass to your destiny. Never be in a place where there is no happiness; never do any activity that does not bring you happiness, since your happiness is your life. Be in a place where you are happy or be happy where you are found, be happy.

The Objective is the Death of Every Dream

The moment you chose an objective and until the day when you will attain it much time passes, sometimes a week, sometimes two years or more, the process is very long while the moment of the achievement of the objective is very short. After this moment the crisis appears, a fall, disappointment, lack of satisfaction – and then a threshold feeling appears – death. Thus, in the courtship for love, the process of courtship is long and then there is orgasm and a sense of ending, exhaustion, a fall.

The day the objective is born in your mind, you have begun the count backward to the day it is achieved. The moment you were born you began the countdown until the day of death. From the day you were born until the day you die, life is created. From the moment you thought about the objective and until the day you achieved it, a process is created. The moment you achieved the objective, the dream, the dream shattered – died. Therefore, when you draw close to your objective, set a new objective, always be in a place where your objective is far from reality. In this way you will always be in the process, en route to the objective, en route to the dream. The process is created as a result of the creation of the objective. It is not possible to create a process without defining the objective and the date it was achieved. The objective does not have importance in life, the objective exists only to create a process. Death exists only to create life, without death it is not possible to create life, without the objective it is not possible to create a process. The process occurs in the present and what happens in the process is the being, is the life. Life is a process, the objective is the death and it is necessary to distance the objectives as much as possible. It is necessary to create a long process, long and full of happiness, to the objective. When you have defined the objective and set off to it, if the objective is one that will bring you happiness, then until the moment you achieve the objective there will not be happiness and when you achieve the objective there may be a fall, it will not meet your expectations or it won’t be what you thought it would be and again there is no happiness. For some people, all means are possible to attain their objectives and en route to the objectives they step all over people, trod them down, and sometimes kill them, and when they achieve the objectives they are more miserable and alone with all that they achieved. It is necessary to ascertain that the objective that you have defined is going to bring a happy and interesting process. There is no need for an objective that does not bring you happiness.

Otherwise, you will be in a sad process that takes you to a non-important objective. People who have lots of money cannot buy more happiness. Some people would give all their money for another person to truly love them and honor the human in them. Money is important for there to be security. Security is important to create recognition of the environment of your ability. The moment you receive recognition and you have all that you need, you ask that people will love what you do, you want respect from those around you. You look for attention and love, when people like what you do, this is feedback for you that you are giving. Pay attention that only attention that a person receives when he makes money interests him, only the caring in the end is what determines, only the process to the objective is important. The objective is the death and the process is the life – to make a process into an objective, like to make death into life, to make minus into plus, to make a problem into an experience, to make a difficulty into a challenge.

To sum up, begin the definition of your objectives with a lofty goal, define a lofty goal, and go forward from there. Then you will have everything – you will have love, you will have success, you will have satisfaction, and you will also have the material part you sought in these objectives.

When do you need to push to the objective and when should you let it be?

You never need to push, you need to magnetize your objectives to the readiness you have created, and nevertheless promote yourself toward the objective through the compass of happiness. When you advance yourself and you are in your happiness, this is the time to advance, when you lose your happiness – let the objectives alone, let the universe do its part in the agreement, remember that you and the universe are full partners in your growth.

spiritual coaching

Spiritual coaching

The book on spiritual coaching is a fascinating story about a teacher who teaches a selected student all the secrets of life according to the Book of Creation during seven days and seven nights.

“My teachers say that all the secrets of life are written in the Book of Creation. The Book of Creation is the source of the secret, the seed and the root of the tree of life from which all the branches grow. The Book of Creation is the Hidden Light that has been seen from time immemorial. The world was not ready to receive the secret and thus it was concealed; only when humanity is found to be worthy of receiving the secret was the Zohar written, were the books of the Kabala written, were other secret books written on the basis of the Book of Creation. Only then did humanity begin to discover the secrets of life. According to tradition, Abraham our forefather wrote the Book of Creation. Abraham was the father of Israel and of Ishmael, of Jesus and Mohammed, of Lao Tse and Buddha, and of members of all religions and races today living in the world.

Throughout the course of human history spiritual teachers have come to the world to instruct man in his way to the light. The teachers have spoken different languages, have come from different cultures. Some teachers speak, some teachers sing, some teachers write books or poems. Some teachers are visible, while others are not seen. Spiritual teachers are found among us in different ways, according to human uniqueness. All the great spiritual teachers speak about the secrets of the Book of Creation, secrets that have never changed.”

Dr. lousky daniel

Dr. Lousky, Ph.D. is a spiritual teacher. 

Danny Lousky immigrated to Israel from Morocco as a Jewish refugee when he was a young boy. At eighteen, he enlisted in the military and served in the Israel’s Intelligence Corps.

He held various leadership position in the business world, including as CEO in public finance companies in Israel. He also served as Project Manager of a national project under the leadership of Yitzchak Rabin, the acting Prime Minister of Israel at the time.

Dany left the world of business and devoted himself to the study of the wisdom of the Kabbalah, where he spent seven years studying under the guidance of leading Kabbalah teachers of our generation.

He has written Dozens of books, inspired by TheBook of Creation, the great book which speaks ofthe secrets of life.

Over the course of 30 years of research,
Dr Dany Lousky developed a unique therapeutic approach,
which utilizes the 32 intelliegences.
This approach has helped millions of people worldwide create a better reality and to live a life that they love.

Danny Lousky has been blessed with a loving family, six children, and nine grandchildren.

The Lousky Method is currently taught all around the world via online courses and books.

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