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Secrets of the Book Creation - Online Course
The Connection of the Hebrew Language to the Intelligences

Interpretation of the Intelligences of the Book of Creation

Secrets of the Book Creation - Online Course

Interpretation of the Intelligences of the Book of Creation

By Dr. Dany Lousky

The source of the 32 intelligences is the Book of Creation. The interpretation of the Book of Creation, as it appears in this research, of each one of the values are seven books that I wrote. I decided to tell about the way in which the books were written to illuminate a little the considerable work that has been conducted to collect material, classify it, investigate it, and present the final result, as it appears in the books cited in the present research.
The research of the intelligences and life values according to the Book of Creation was accompanied by considerable and comprehensive work, over the course of fifteen years before this research was conducted. It would seem that there is ‘no relationship’ to this research. My familiarity with the Book of Creation was not coincidental and was timed precisely to the time when I am ready and prepared. I heard about the book in one of the Kabala lessons in which I participated. From that day, I have been restless. I have read the book dozens of times, I have been in love with what I found, and from that day I have learned everything through the book. Since then, I have spent many days and nights on the meanings and values of the book and its author, the Patriarch Abraham. I have researched the Book of Creation, from what is written inside and from what interpreters of the Book of Creation have said and written on it. Over the years, I have collected considerable information from the writings of researchers, scientists, and rabbis who addressed the uniqueness of the Book of Creation and who interpreted it.
Every crumb of information that I found was examined and compared to what I saw in the Book of Creation and to the interpretation I gave. The interpretations I found of the Book of Creation were supported by conclusions of other researchers and rabbis. In many cases, first I saw and interpreted the text in my own manner and then I searched for confirmation and support in the writings of other researchers. This way allowed me freedom of inquiry in my unique interpretation of the Book of Creation. Thus, I arrived at the format of the 32 intelligences and integrated medicine.
Over the years, I have researched the meaning of the intelligences and the life values for the purpose of the change of reality with thousands of participants, in workshops and courses for self-awareness that I have conducted throughout Israel. I taught about the intelligences and the life values for the change of reality in courses and lectures in Haifa, in the Krayot, in Tiberias, in Safed, in Rishon LeZion, in Tel Aviv, and in Jerusalem. Some of the courses consisted of eighteen meetings of four hours each meeting and in recent years, I have taught intelligences and life values in the framework of a four-year program for training therapists. The participants in the workshops consisted of people who sought to understand the nature of life and human mind, and of people who came to learn the treatment profession. Some were professionals, physicians, nurses, and nursing staff, who wanted to learn and implement the values of integrated medicine in the medical centers.
Examination of my interpretation of the thirty-two intelligences of the Book of Creation was supported by four primary sources:
1. Interpretations of rabbis and researchers on the Book of Creation.
2. Scientific works and researches in the field of the definition of the intelligences – Binet, Gardner, and others.
3. My work in the field with thousands of participants in courses and workshops.
4. Work with patients and subjects, through which I could assess the differences between the different values and define their meaning in unique ways.
My work to give an orderly and structured interpretation of the intelligences according to the Book of Creation led me to write seven books. Every book discussed a group of intelligences according to the Book of Creation.
The first book was: Nine Cosmic Forces for Success. The book discusses the ten emotional intelligences. The entire book was communicated through writing (most of the writing was in front of a computer). The writing began with a sketch of nine forces in the shape of a circle with the writing of the names of all nine intelligences according to the order inside the circle and their interpretation. The center of the circle is the tenth intelligence, which symbolizes the reality that is created in actuality.
When I finished writing my first book, I knew that this was the time for me to end my life. Only when that very night I wrote the title of the second book, was I freed and re-born. I was born into the destiny and purpose of my life.
Seven years later, I wrote the sixth book, Integrated Medicine, a unique research book. This book is the complete opposite, in terms of its manner of writing, of the first book. The book was written in a format and according to all the rules of scientific writing. This book also presents the format for integrated medicine for therapists and physicians. The book concentrates, organizes, and explains the way and rationale of all that I wrote in the previous books.
The considerable work that I undertook was channeled eventually into the creation of an educational treatment method called the Lousky method. The method is taught in a four year program for the training of therapists, instructors, trainers, and teachers in the Lousky College in Tel Aviv. This research was the natural continuation of my work till this very day

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