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A person’s name is his limitation and also his opening to growth.

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How It Works?
As soon as you register, you go to the page where you write your first name,
Or the name of any person who wants to know what their name means.
As soon as you write down the name and press the send button, you will get an interpretation of each letter in the first name you wrote down. Each letter in the name represents an intelligence, power or ability that is found and hidden in the essence of your name, if you strengthen these abilities, you will find that it will be easier for you to fulfill your dreams, conquer goals and objectives in many fields, act faster, and with much greater success.


A person’s name is his limitation and also his opening to growth.
A person’s name is like a seed from which the whole tree grows,
Therefore, you need to check if the owner of the name is connected to his name or would prefer to change it.
In the case of dissatisfaction with the name, this can also reflect the dissatisfaction with the abilities hidden in the letters of the name.

Changing the name can help change the self-image created with the name
And especially the change of experiences related to it. When people own names
With a past they don’t like, in many cases a name change will help a person’s ability
to create or rediscover oneself. to connect with the intelligence of Genesis
And intelligences that were blocked only because of the image that the name gave to its owner.

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