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  • Integrated Medicine

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    Integrative health combines treatment methods from different worlds and levels, body and soul – the combination of the scientific medicine, meaning, medications and surgeries alongside with holistic treatment methods

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  • Intelligence Tests i32

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    The contribution of the present research lies in the presentation of the unique format for integrated medicine, definition of the 32 intelligences, and in the construction of an instrument for the measurement of the subject’s level in each one of the 32 intelligences through which medical centers, therapists, and education practitioners can create their unique treatment mix personally adjusted to each and every patient or student.

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  • Rich Happy and Sexy

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    The book is written like cells, which combines into whole journey to success.
    Each cell is independent and each cell completes the others into whole sequence of experience, one whole body.
    Many people want to see, to touch, to feel joy, to experience success.
    When they are out of borders, they want to enter inside, into the heart of success.
    When they are inside the process, it is hard for them.

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  • Spiritual Coaching

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    Spiritual Coaching.
    The Secrets of Life according to the Kabala Wisdom of the Book of Creation

    The book on spiritual coaching is a fascinating story about a teacher who teaches a selected student all the secrets of life according to the Book of Creation during seven days and seven nights.

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