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The Twelfth Sense
The twelfth sense

Secrets of the Book of Creation Course


What will you learn in this course?

– Create practical plans of action to help achieve your goals.
– Develop awareness through simple processes.
– Train yourself through change with the right approach.
– Communicate with people in a way that builds trust and closeness.
– Develop vital skills and increase social awareness.
– Develop compassion and beneficial beliefs, attitudes and habits.
– Apply a valuable set of perspectives and training models.
– Quickly track your personal growth and professional development
– Cultivate self-awareness, self-discipline, and social effectiveness.
– Design and deliver a sequence of life-coaching sessions.
– Set goals that motivate you.


Your order will include:

Online digital course

 The powerful secret of the Book of Creation (13-minute audio file)
 The Complete Guide to the Secrets of the Book of Creation (59-page PDF file)
  Bonus file – Spiritual Coaching (303-page PDF file)
 Bonus file – The Book of Creation – the original version
 Quick start guide

 Full lifetime access
  •  Access on mobile, computer and TV
  •  Certificate of completion

Take the best kept Secrets of
the Book of Creation now!

In fact, the Book of Creation describes the codes and formulas
God used to create the world and reveals how people can create their own world.
The book is extremely powerful and there was always the fear that it
would fall into the wrong hands, so Abraham our Patriarch split it up.
He divided the book into twelve sections.
He selected twelve people and gave each one a section for safekeeping.
Each person studied and memorized their portion and
passed it on from father to son for many generations.
In this way, they could protect the secrets from malicious use by bad people.
And this is the reason that the Book of Creation
remained concealed from you for 3,800 years.

But you are not one of those bad people.
In fact, you are just perfect to teach and instill knowledge
of the codes, formulas and secrets of the Book of Creation
for building a better world.