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The twelfth sense – The Book

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The Heart then stood up, followed by the Sense of Sight and all the other teachers. They stood up, one after the other and gathered around the Prince of Dreams. They placed their right hand on his head, forming a crown of twelve senses. The temple began erupting in an energy that flamed with passion, and suddenly the senses began twirling around and around, with lights and music and smells and tastes and speech and touch and joy. On and on they danced until they were intoxicated. The Prince of Dreams watched and followed them with his eyes. He studied them and began to understand; he carved and engraved, bonded with them and created and speculated until he held in his hands what he’d sought for a thousand years.


The Book “twelfth sense” is the human sense that governs all other senses. It is the treasure of all treasures, worth more than the philosopher’s stone, and whose ability is more powerful than the elixir of life. It is the higher self that remains constant and unchanging from birth till death. Mysterious forces call on the Prince of Dreams to embark on a journey in pursuit of the hidden treasure. On his travels, he searches for the treasure of treasures. He learns about the striking midpoint, the axis on which the world revolves. He discovers absolute, unwavering truth. He visits the Planet of  Senses and sees the power inherent in each of the twelve senses. He learns how each facilitates growth, good health, abundance, love, and successful relationships. He hears about the forces that created the universe and discovers the treasure of all treasures; a treasure more valuable than the philosopher’s stone and more powerful than the elixir of life. Finally, the twelfth sense is revealed to him. He is that sense that governs all senses. He is the eternal higher self which remains unchanged from birth till death.

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