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‏‏Rich happy and sexy

Rich, Happy, Sexy.
Spiritual Laws to create Abundance

Kabbalah Secrets

In the beginning

You stand at the front door that will take you into the journey of reading experience, like observation process that many others when true it, the ambitions, the dreams, the accomplishments, the love, the happiness and the wealth. 

The book is written like cells, which combines into whole journey to success. 
Each cell is independent and each cell completes the others into whole sequence of experience, one whole body. 

Many people want to see, to touch, to feel joy, to experience success. 
When they are out of borders, they want to enter inside, into the heart of success. 
When they are inside the process, it is hard for them. 

Many find the appropriate excuse and give up the process, give up the possibility to reach joy, to experience success. 

These people give up on their goals as well as on the process itself. 
If you are one of the “searchers”, you are in the right place. 

There is no need that everything comes clear to you from the first reading, the book is yours, look inside once in a while, and in time you will notice something new for yourself. 

 All that’s been said here is not new for you and yet, not all is revealed. You know that everything has a good reason, be sure that everything is for the best and everything is good. 

The information comes to you at the right time, information is absorbed by you only when you ready for it. 

Eventually, all of us “search” the way which will help us to see who we are, to be quiet, to feel joy and to experience endless success. 

 I recommend you to read this book from the beginning to the end in one time, one breath. After the first reading, make this book your daily play. Select one cell and see what you have chosen and what the meaning of it is. 

 If you find in this book something that can help a friend of yours, do the proper action and buy this book as a gift for your friend. It is always better than giving an advice which nobody hears. 

I hope you will enjoy reading this book.

Dr. Daniel Lousky

Table of Contents

1. Success; the cost of it and the fear from it.
2. The really richest people.
3. Challenges, Limitations and Habits.
4. What do you Really Want; Your Goals; Your Dreams.
5. Think positive, change your attitude, and be complete.
6. Discover yourself, your truth, and your joy.
7. The Journey, The road and the success.
8. Tool, light and abundance
9. Your power, your coverage, and your disclosure

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Just brilliant and clear.
What the author has to say about Success
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Dr. lousky Daniel

I emigrated to Israel from Morocco as a Jewish refugee, enlisted in the military, and served in the Israeli Intelligence Corps. I subsequently went into business and held the position of CEO in public finance companies in Israel, and was project manager of a national project under the leadership of Yitzchak Rabin, the serving prime minister of Israel. I eventually left the world of business and devoted myself to the study of the wisdom of the Kabbalah, where I spent seven years studying under the guidance of leading Kabbalah teachers of our generation. I have written 17 books, inspired by The Book of Creation, the great book which speaks of the secrets of life. Over the course of 30 years of research, I have developed a unique therapeutic approach, which utilizes the 32 Intelligences. This approach has helped millions of people worldwide create a better reality and to live a life that they love. I have been blessed with a loving family, six children, and eight grandchildren. The Lousky Method is currently taught all around the world via online courses and books.

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Spiritual Laws to create Abundance
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  • Spiritual Laws to create Abundance
‏‏Rich happy and sexy

Success; The cost of it And the fear from it. 1. Who is rich, the man who is contented with his lot. Who is happy, a man that loves himself in order to give to others. Who is sexy, a person who is healthy in body and mind. 2. Most of the people want to be Rich, Happy and Sexy. 3. Most of the people want to gain happiness and success, but do not willing to do much to get happiness and success. 4. Most of the people are ready to pay the price of failure but not the price of success; most people are afraid of failure and even more of success. 5. Most of the people are going every morning to work, which they do not like; most people are in a place where they do not want to be, most people are not content with their lot. 6. Most of the people have sex rarely or don’t have at all. 7. Most of the people are not aware of themselves and their real desires. 8. Most of the people occupy themselves with small details and neglect the serious subject, most people deal with small accounts, and most people make calculations with themselves and with their environment. 9. Most of the people holding on to what they achieved over the years from a young age or to what they received from someone else. 10. Most of the people want money, happiness and sex but they are connected to news, newspapers and to people who talk about troubles, illness and pain. 11. Most of the people do not believe that they can change their situation and their reality, so the situation does not change and their reality does not change either. 12. Most of the people are far away from joy and success. They are so far away that they can't see anything from this distance. 13. Most of the people can't manage with the salary they get; most people are slaves of miserable salary, salary that dishonor them. 14. Most of the people act rationally, but the rational reality of most people is difficult and sad. 15. Most of the people operate with no inner logic. Most people persist doing what they have always done, persist to think like they always thought. They do not change, but they want their reality to change. 16. If you work hard all day, every day, many years and not getting anywhere, this is a sign for you that you are not in the right direction. Find yourself a mentor and teacher who will show you new possibilities. 17. If you want to be out of the reality that most people are in, you have to think opposite than the most, you need to act differently from the majority. You have to think differently to get different results. You have to change yourself in order to get different result. 18. If you want the outcome and the wealth, you have to be willing to make the effort till the result. 19. You already know that the price of success is high; you also know that the price of failure is much higher. 20. You have to know that when you decide to realize your dream, the closest people will try to steal it. They want you to stay with the majority and with them. They will tell you that "the more possessions, the more worry ", "What for do you need a big car?", "What for do you need a big house and a garden?", "What for do you need these pains?" They are afraid that you will succeed; it threatens their special place with you. 21. During your transformation and your growth, you lose close friends, sometimes you get stronger and sometimes you lose your relationship, at the end of the process you gain everything you didn’t have before, and it's always a lot more than you had. 22. You have to be prepared for that most people will not join you and will not encourage you; even not the closest, most people who are around you will stay with the majority. 23. You are about to go on a journey toward success and you are afraid. Naturally, you're going to turn to friends to join you on a journey of success and you are afraid. Do not be afraid of the fear, do nor be afraid at all. When you are afraid of refuse, you invite refusal, When you are afraid of failure you invite failure. 24. The truth is that you do not fear from failure, you're fear from success. Before you offered a friend to join you on a journey to success, he was outside the possibility to contribute your success. Only when you suggested a friend to join you, the opportunity of success is being created. Therefore, you are afraid from the fear itself, the fear from success. 25. Your deepest fear is from your inner power and not from your weakness; your deepest fear is from your talent and not from your ignorance or stupidity. When you will liberate your from your fears, your presence will libirate others around you from their fears. You already know that only those who are afraid from demons see demons. 26. Ask for the ability to find love in fear, Ask for the wisdom to find simplicity in the complicity, Ask for the strength to understand that you won't understand everything, although everything has a reason.

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