Hi, I am dr. Lousky Daniel

Take a moment and imagine as if you’ve already received what you want.
Imagine you have as much of it as you want.
That you are living the life you have always wanted.


“In the next few minutes I am going to tell you
about the secrets of all secrets, exposed 3800 years ago.

Those who discovered these secrets became
Smarter, happier, richer.

They lived like kings while everyone was
watching them

Something happened to those people… who knew
the secrets. They were exposed to knowledge that was never seen before.

The precise details of the secrets were never
exposed nor were they discovered again by “mankind for 3,800 years. Until now.”..

You can sign up for our courses
and start studying right away.
It is open 7 days a week
24 hours a day

“Everything they touched became magical and successful.
They learned how God created his world through the book,
and they followed his footsteps, they created their own world.
They created successes, health, focus, joy of life, they created plants, they created animals –
and finally dared to create a person, in the form of a golem, known as a Golem of Prague.
They created everything using formulas and codes from the Book of Creation.
And each using only one part of the book”…

How to begin?

Our events take place every day, every hour and every minute online.
It happens everywhere at once. Do not worry, we are always here,
And you will always be able to find us.

And you?

Are you looking for something else?
A different and innovative approach?
A new opportunity here and now?
Want to strengthen your abilities?
Be the best version of yourself?

why us?

Lousky College has been active in education and health around the world since 1993. Thousands of students acquired education and tens of thousands underwent empowerment and managed to become the best version of themselves.

Who we are?

Dany Lousky, the little boy who emigrated to Israel from Morocco as a Jewish refugee, enlisted in the military and served in the Israeli intelligence corps.
He was a businessman and held the position of CEO in public finance companies in Israel, and project manager of a national project under the leadership of Yitzchak Rabin, the serving prime minister of Israel. read more >>

if you could acquire a new skill, a value, or a quality, right now.

What would it be?
Release yourselves from your blockage?
Be more self-confident?
Make more money?
be healthier?
Make more dreams come true?
Be a better person?


 Whatever talent or ability you wish to possess –

you can achieve it and start enjoying it immediately.

The ability to solve problems. Motivation. Creativity. Deep thinking. 

Self-confidence. Strength. Success. Public speaking . . .

All you have to do is choose, And these skills will be drawn to your personality like a magnet.


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