Secrets of the Book of Creation

Secrets of the Lost Book

financial independence? 
love and successful relationships?

Dr lousky daniel

Dr. lousky daniel

The best kept Secrets of the Book of Creation 
Have been hidden from you for 3800 years.
They have “stolen” the secrets from you for themselves…

Now is your time to watch the exposing video
and understand how it happened

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secrets of the book of creation

Secrets of the Lost Book

Is it possible that there is a short series of actions that you will take for 13 minutes a day that will dramatically and permanently change your life for the better in all respects? Health, abundance, money, financial independence, success in everything, love and successful relationships?

Sounds crazy!

Impossible you said?

Can’t you do that?

Not a chance?

In order to understand what I am talking about,
we will have to go back in time…

The year is 1805 BC, Abraham the father of all fathers and the prophet of all religions, the special man who revealed the divinity,

He received a small 5-page book called Sefer Yetzira.
The book describes in codes and formulas how to create success, health,
love, vision, wealth.

In fact it is a book that describes in codes and formulas how God created the world and how humans can create their world.
The power of the book was great and the fear was that it would fall into the wrong hands, so Avraham Avinu refuted the book.
He cut the book into twelve parts,
selected twelve people and gave each of them one part for safekeeping. They kept their part in mind, in memory, and inherited it from father
to son for many generations.

From father to son for many generations.
That way they kept the secrets from bad use by bad people.

Therefore, and for this reason, Sefer Yetzira was hidden
from you for 3800 years.

But you are not the bad people. In fact, you are the right people to teach them the codes, formulas and secrets of the Book of Creation
 in order to create a better world.

Those who kept one part out of 12 parts and learned the formulas and codes from the part they had were much healthier and much more successful than others. They lived a longer and higher life,

They lived a life of wealth and happiness, they dominated their life, they lived a life of “free will”, they lived as they loved to live.

Everything they touched was a success. They learned through
the secrets of the Book of Creation

How the Creator created his world and thus created their world. They created successes, health, focus, joy of life, they created plants, they created animals and finally dared and created a person in the form of a golem, known as the “Golem of Prague”, they created everything using the formulas and codes from the Book of Creation.