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The Main Characteristics of Integrated Medicine

The ‘Basket’ of Treatments

Secrets of the Book Creation - Online Course

The ‘Basket’ of Treatments

By Dr. Dany Lousky

The ‘basket’ of treatments is one of the five main characteristics of the format of integrated medicine. The basket of treatments includes all five of the methods of holistic and complementary treatment and scientific western treatment methods. Every treatment method has a main aspect and role for correction and lack of balance in one of the four dimensions. The choice of the treatment method needs to be performed on the basis of its ability to treat the certain dimension. Therefore, medical centers and therapists are recommended to adopt an integrated treatment package. In other words, they should choose methods of treatment suited to the dimension. The set of treatments for the creation of integrated medicine necessitates at least one holistic treatment method from every dimension.
This chapter presents, in depth and in breadth, four methods of treatment. I chose one method for every dimension, as in the example of the set of treatments. Each one of the methods of treatments chosen acts accordingly for one of the dimensions that it trains. The methods chosen for the set of treatments, for instance, are meditation in the spiritual dimension, guided imagery in the intellectual dimension, arts integration in the emotional dimension, and acupuncture in the physical dimension. These methods of treatment were chosen also because of the fact that they have been empirically investigated and there are scientific findings that can confirm the abilities acquired in every dimension. Every one of the selected treatment methods needs to be practiced and the intelligences are trained in the same dimension for the purpose of maintenance, correction, or improvement.

The Abilities Acquired in Each One of the Dimensions
• In the spiritual dimension, the ability to define the desire (desire to receive or desire to give) and its direction (to receive so as to give or to give so as to receive) is acquired.
• In the intellectual dimension, the ability to change approaches and abilities is acquired.
• In the emotional dimension, the ability to identify emotional lacks is acquired.
• In the physical dimension, the ability to determine objectives and realize them is acquired.
To acquire these aforementioned abilities, it is necessary to practice and train the weak intelligences through lousky medicines, treatments through methods of treatment chosen for the treatment basket, and work in groups, adjusted to the dimensions. Table number 2 presents a list of complementary methods of treatment (holistic) that are active throughout the world, according to dimensions. The dimension chosen for every treatment method describes the method treatment aspect from the therapist’s perspective. Therapists and medical centers can choose, from the list, treatment methods and work in groups according to dimensions according to the patients’ population. The chosen treatment methods are the ‘treatment basket’ of the integrated medicine format.
Table number 5 describes the complementary methods of treatment.

The Complementary Treatment Methods

Methods of Treatment
Spiritual Dimension Personal & group treatments: meditation, dreams, Lousky method, feedback method, prayer, spiritual holistic psychotherapy, body & mind, Karma, communication, tree of life, Kabalistic medicine, Tao, Zen Tao, Reversing, reincarnations reconstruction, Vipassana.

Work in groups: awareness workshops.

Intellectual Dimension Personal & group treatments: Guided imagery, psychodrama, creation cards, body wisdom, querying, positive thinking, Chinese medicine, astrology, numerology, graphology, homeopathy, Japanese medicine, Tibetan medicine, one mind, biofeedback, psychology, speech therapy, IPEC, craniosacral, voice of the wind, Sutai, suggestion, EMF, Bowen, Bioenergy, Greenberg, Avatar, hypnosis, Silva, psycho-cybernetics, teletherapy, palm therapy, Scarab, magnetotherapy.

Work in groups: development groups.

Emotional Dimension Personal & group treatments: Integration of the arts, healing, Reiki, natural nutrition, fasting, experience processes, Bach flowers, Tarot cards, hydrotherapy, kinesiology, Watsu, laughter and humor, music, sounds, frequencies, aromatherapy, smells, oils, Jahara, Tantra, surrogate, magnetotherapy, play, Jewish medicine, conscious laughter, reversing, reincarnation reconstruction, drawing, creative writing, color therapy, coffee reading, Aura Suma, Bates, naturopathy, healing plants, Shamanism, occupational therapy, animal assisted therapy, cultivation of beauty, anti-aging, Sojuk, acupressure.

Work in groups: creativity workshops, art integration, support groups.

Physical Dimension Personal & group treatments: acupuncture, massage, chirology, posture, Feldenkreiz, avatar, iridology. Crystals, Tawina, body language, contact treatments, wind cups, hopie candles, microbiotics, Shiatsu, softness power, reflexology, Fang Shu, Elbaum, Paula, chiropractics, Alexander, structural integration, Indian medicine, osteopathy.

Work in groups: experience journeys, physical activity, yoga, chi kong, dynamic meditation, movement therapy, dancing, martial arts.

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