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The Book of Creation as a Source of the 32 Intelligences

Secrets of the Book Creation - Online Course

The Book of Creation as a Source of the 32 Intelligences

By Dr. Dany Lousky

The lively discussion of the nature of intelligence and the revolution that Sternberg and Gardner inspired in the perception of intellection allows the appearance of a format of 32 intelligences according to the Book of Creation, which seeks to play a part in the discussion of the definition of the human potential of intelligences. The human potential format according to the Book of Creation is the format of integrated medicine (Lousky, 2005).
The model of integrated medicine is based on the format that the Book of Creation instructs and the interpretation that is given to the format. Hence, I decided to devote this section to the presentation of the special place of the Book of Creation in philosophy and thought.
In his book The Doctrine of Creation of the Book of Creation, Y. Libs (a professor in the Department of Jewish Philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem) says, “The Book of Creation is a wonderful work, unique in its language, form, and content, concise, considered, and laconic, which appeared in the culture of Israel at an unknown time and place and re-shaped Jewish literature and philosophy. This is a book of instruction and teaching, content and expression, in regards to appropriate spiritual conduct.” The activity of God, which is seemingly the primary issue of the presented book, according to Libs, is a model of imitation and human activity. God is the light and man is the instrument (shadow), God does not have a beginning or an end while man is found with limitations of beginning and end. The instrument needs light to receive and the light needs the instrument to give; one is linked to the other, the one is formed through the other, to create the balance. God created the world through 32 paths of wonder and wisdom and therefore man must shape and build his world through 32 paths.
The Book of Creation is the source of the Tree of Life, the seed from which all the branches spouted and grew, from which all the perceptions, doctrines, religions developed. According to the ‘Holy ARI’* (Berg, 1990), the Book of Creation is the book of instruction that the Creator gave to all that he created, through the Patriarch Abraham, 3800 years ago. The Book of Creation is about thirty pages long (six short chapters) and an extensive research literature, consisting of interpretations and explications, has been created around it. This literature is tremendously important in the shaping of Judaism, Kabalistic thought, and Jewish philosophy (Libs, 2000). Around the Book of Creation have been created many exemplary works such as the literature of the Kabala and the Zohar, researches in the field of cosmology and astronomy, the structure of the human body, the theory of language and grammar, mysticism, magic, etc.
The phrasing of the Book of Creation lives and develops with the growth of interpretative literature. This phenomenon, which is also known in other cases, is especially extreme in the case of the Book of Creation (Libs, 2000). The Kabala has not yielded interpretations of the Book of Creation, according to Libs (2000); rather, the interpretations of the Book of Creation have yielded the Kabala. In other words, the interpretation of the Book of Creation is the theory of the Kabala.
The Book of Creation, attributed to the Patriarch Abraham, opens with a dramatic declaration. “In thirty-two paths of wonderful wisdom God engraved …” In other words, the world was created in thirty-two intelligences: ten numbers and 22 basic letters. The paths of wisdom according to the Book of Creation are the manner of action and the way of action, both the place and the time, they are paths of wisdom and wisdom, they are the creator and the creation, they are the content and the framework (Libs, 2000). They are a way of life and they are intelligences. According to the Book of Creation, God created the world through 32 paths, and therefore mankind shapes and builds reality through 32 intelligences. It is difficult to describe something that can be processed in the mind or in other physical systems without letters and numbers, since the end depends on the thinking at the beginning, and the end involves numbers and letters first. The 32 intelligences are the entirety and wholeness, all that is in all its elements, the complete spectrum of the reality of the light. All the human formats and paths are built on letters, words, and numbers. Every action and creation are possible only through numbers and letters. Reality and the intelligences are two parts of the same essence – the creator and the creation (Lousky, 2005).
The values of life or the intelligences are the principle of multiplicity, the number of intelligences is the main theme of their essence, the number of letters in every group and the number of numbers are the infinite multiplicity: the numbers according to the decimal generative principle, the letters in their connections into words and their infinite combinations. However, the multiplicity exists only seemingly and is not nothing other than evidence of the one God. The world of the Book of Creation is dynamic and not predetermined; it is created in the eyes of the beholder and is destroyed by the beholder in an unending process. The beholder’s eyes are what imprint in the world the multiplicity and they negate its existence (Libs, 2000).
Intelligence (DNA) is the building block of the body. The body is built of more than fifty billion billion cells that live in the body in manners and quantities according to their place and role. In every cell there is genetic recall that passes from generation to generation. The tree of life is the genetic memory and the human potential. This is a molecule built of a twisted tree of three coils that create 32 intelligences in four dimensions. Every segment of the tree that creates the triple coil is called a path and it is a page in the book of the whole tree of life. The 32 intelligences are the pages that create the complete human genome. In every cell in the body there is a complete copy of the whole genome. All the human traits that create the structure of personality are coded in different combinations and mixes of the 32 intelligences. Mapping human behavior according to the intelligences allows approach to the need to assess and treat, practice and train, improve, maintain, and correct (Lousky, 2005).
“The thirty-two paths of wondrous wisdom” of the Book of Creation are the thirty-two intelligences. Every intelligence is divided into four dimensions (physical, emotional, intellective, and spiritual). Every intelligence includes an infinite number of possibilities (body limbs, colors, sounds, values, times, places, human traits, stones, etc.) that are related to the frequency of the intelligence. The life values are one of the expressions of the intellective level of the thirty-two intelligences.
For every person, every human behavior, every process, and every human actions a graduated profile of actions of the thirty-two intelligences can simply be defined. Every person has a unique profile. Some people have stronger intellective intelligence and will prefer activity in subjects such as accounting and business administration, while others have stronger emotional intelligence and will prefer to engage in social work or education. Those whose spiritual intelligence is stronger will prefer to work in charity organizations or in the role of spiritual teachers while those whose physical intelligence is stronger will engage in agricultural occupations or in sports. Of course, there are combinations of the types of intelligences that enable combined professions and occupations.
Every person has a unique profile of intelligences that shapes his personality and he ‘builds’ his personality, although every person can stimulate, train, and practice intelligences to shape his personality by his own free will (Gardner, 1996). The combinations that every person has are unique and faithfully express his unique personality ‘structure’ and the resultant personal mission. The unique profile of every person makes him singular, special, and unique and places him at the center of the universe and the center of the existence. Every person has thirty-two intelligences at unique dosages and degrees. Every person’s personal profile constitutes the unique language with which he functions and excels (Lousky, 2005). The understanding that every person has a unique profile of intelligences requires change of the treatment approach, from a situation in which the illness is managed to the management of the patient’s health. Management of the patient’s health is a holistic approach that enables implementation of the format of combined medicine.

The Thirty-Two Intelligences according to the Book of Creation
The five characteristics of integrated medicine are the result of the ‘healthy structure of the Book of Creation’. According to the Book of Creation, life and the universe, what exists and what does not, are one whole – the thirty-two paths of wondrous wisdom are the thirty-two intelligences (Lousky, 2005).
The Book of Creation counts the thirty-two paths in the following way: the whole divides into two – 10 numbers and 22 letters. These two parts represent male and female, the desire to give and the desire to receive (the motive of change). The numbers represent the emotional dimension. The letters (dividing into three) represent the spiritual, intellectual, and physical dimensions. Thus, the four dimensions of the whole (ladder of health) are created.
Each one of the dimensions includes a number of intelligences (three in the spiritual, seven in the intellectual, ten in the emotional, twelve in the physical) for a total of thirty-two intelligences. Every intelligence is like a drawer that contains all that is suited to its frequency: character traits, emotions, body limbs, simple human actions, colors, sounds, etc. (holistic medications).
Each one of the intelligences is a unit that stands alone: it is one of the thirty-two foundation stones of the entire structure. Every intelligence is a microcosm of the whole (every intelligence includes all thirty-two intelligences). Every intelligence, like the whole, divides into male and female, the desire to receive and the desire to give (motive of change). In each one of the intelligences, there are four dimensions: spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical (scale of health).

The Numbers – The Non-Existent
There are ten numbers of stopping (emotional dimension): The numbers of stopping or nothingness* symbolize the lack, the ‘nothing-ness’, and describe the feminine passivity and the inner forces (Lousky, 2005).

The Letters – The Existent
There are 22 letters that divide into three dimensions (spiritual, intellectual, and physical). The 22 fundamental letters symbolize the active side, initiative and creation, and the materials with which we build the world and what exists.


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The 32 Intelligences in the Four Dimensions according to the Book of Creation

Dimension 32 Paths 32 Intelligences Letters/Numbers
Spiritual 3 fundamental elements 3 types of desire א מ ש
Intellectual 7 doubles 7 teachers & educational impacts בגד כפרת
Emotional 10 numbers 10 inner forces 12345678910
Physical 12 simple consonants 12 senses הוזחטילנסעצק
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