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The Connection of the Hebrew Language to the Intelligences

Secrets of the Book Creation - Online Course

The Connection of the Hebrew Language to the Intelligences

By Dr. Dany Lousky

The 22 Hebrew letters were chosen to represent 22 of the 32 intelligences (10 of the numbers represent the emotional dimension, suitable for all languages). The 26 English language letters, the 27 Roman letters, 28 Arabic letters, or the 24 Greek letters were not chosen.
The researchers know the reasons:
1. The Hebrew language was the language that the Patriarch Abraham spoke.
2. The Hebrew language, according to certain researches, is the most ancient language.
3. The letters of the Hebrew language represent contents.
Languages are created on the basis of agreement among people. Languages are generally a collection of agreed-upon signs for the purpose of interpersonal communication. Words in all languages are labels or signs that describe abstract ideas. The reason that words represent any contents is related to local history, philosophy, or economic social perception. In actuality, there is no logical relationship between the word and its content or meaning. From this perspective, the Hebrew language is different and special. Every letter in the Hebrew language has defined and regular spiritual meaning that is represented by reality. Every letter is an intelligence that enables the improvement of the innate ability among people. The meaning of the Hebrew word is the combination of the meanings of the letters that construct it. The letter describes the concealed trait, the nature of the intelligence and its meaning. The numerical value of every letter and its place in the word, the form of the letter, and the emphasis and tune derive from the letters’ meaning. The letters are built from the body of the letter, the tags or emphases, the vowels (in other words, the punctuation marks (in other words, the movement and direction of the letters) and the tastes (in other words, their music). A word is a combination of meaning of the letters that built it to describe reality.
4. It is possible to create other formats for the description of life, the formats can have 24, 26, 27, or 28 letters. According to the Book of Creation, everything is correct, every format is possible to describe reality. This research uses the format proposed by the Book of Life: a format of 22 letters and 10numbers, which are the 32 intelligences and ways of life.

Thirty-Two Intelligences for the Change of Reality: Values of Life, the Intellective Dimension

  Intelligences Key Meaning of the Life Values in the Four Dimensions
  Desire   Life Values of the Spiritual Dimension
א Free will Enabling To live a life in which everything is possible by free will
מ Desire to give Giving Desire to give as a lofty goal and life purpose
ש Desire to receive Ambition To accept yourself so as to give to others
  Teachers   Life Values of the Intellective Dimension
ב Wisdom Blessing To know where, when, with whom, how, how much, & the combination between them
ג Richness Benevolence To understand that much or little does not influence joy
ד Seed Precision To motivate or direct as a correct seed from which the outcome grows
כ Life Respect The ability to effect inner change & convey it onwards
פ Self-Governance Openness To release the self from conceit, arrogance, over-righteousness
ר Peace Sensitivity To include yourself & others to create a whole & perfection
ת Charm Repair To raise occurrences to self-awareness & discover the self
  Forces   Life Values of the Emotional Dimension
1 Light Truth To be certain that all comes from the light
2 Beginning Difference To begin at the start from every place, at every age, all the time
3 Love Wholeness Love as a reason of all the reasons & medicine of all the medicines
4 Freedom Balance To be or not to be in every place where you are found
5 Thought Investigation To create through directed thought new belief & reality
6 Unity Integration To strengthen diversity to create unity & harmony
7 Observation Silence To know the self through others & through experience
8 Healing Question To discern that the more you learn the less you understand
9 Immunity Contact To learn how to learn & to find knowledge required at the right time
10 Discovery Doing To accept reality & address the cause for the need to change the result
  Senses   Life Values of the Physical Dimension
ה Sight Teaching To see what you want to love
ו Hearing Regulation To hear from discipline & to create meaning of love of life
ז Smell Right/Identity To live life from personal truth
ח Speech Connection Correct speech – silence, polite speech, speaking truth
ט Taste Good To be ‘tasty’, to give a good taste to life
י Deed Creation To put the bounds of what is allowed (not prohibited) in every action
ל Touch Learning To touch & know
נ Way Loyalty To make a process a goal
ס Gut Tolerance To train & act out of belief
ע Mind Value Life as a game, investigation & question
צ Heart Justice Open heart, compassion, commitment to love
ק Cell Sanctity The person’s soul is his values, dignity, freedom
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