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Secrets of the Book Creation - Online Course
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The Format of the 32 Intelligences

Secrets of the Book Creation - Online Course

The Format of the 32 Intelligences

By Dr. Dany Lousky

According to the Book of Creation, the 22 letters and 10 numbers (the 32 paths) are the laws according to which the world was created. Every letter and every number represents a human intelligence. The 32 human abilities are the human potential (Lousky, 2005). The human abilities are also ‘lousky medicines’ for internal change, for the increase and decrease in the health ladder, for the purpose of healing, preserving balance, and preventing mishaps and illnesses. The practice and training of the intelligences are the center of activity in integrated medicine.

The three intelligences in the spiritual dimension express the ability to define desire and its direction.
• The Hebrew letter aleph, א, created free will – the ability to discern that the world is an empty void that is filled with free will.
• The Hebrew letter mem, מ, created the desire to give – the ability to define the desire to give as a lofty goal and purpose of life.
• The Hebrew letter shin, ש, created the desire to receive – the ability to define the degree and the direction of the desire to receive.
The seven intelligences in the intellectual dimension define the ability to effect a change in approaches and beliefs:
• The Hebrew letter beyt, ב, created wisdom – the ability to synchronize action – where, when, with whom, how much, how, and the combination between them.
• The Hebrew letter gimmel, ג, created richness – the ability to understand that much or little does not influence your joy.
• The Hebrew letter daled, ד, created seed – the ability to have a motive and correct direction, like a seed from which the result grows.
• The Hebrew letter cahf, כ, created life – the ability to effect an inner change. To be in motion and to convey onwards.
• The Hebrew letter pay, פ, created self-governance – the ability to free the self from arrogance, over-righteousness, and conceit.
• The Hebrew letter reysh, ר, created peace – the ability to include you and others to create the whole and perfection.
• The Hebrew letter tahf, ת, created charm – the ability to bring the occurrences to self-awareness and self-discovery.
The ten intelligences in the emotional dimension defined the ability to identify and assess lacks:
• The number 1 created the power of light – the ability to be certain that everything comes from the side of the light, everything is light.
• The number 2 created the power of the beginning – the ability to begin everything at the start in any place, at any age, and at any time.
• The number 3 created the power of love – the ability to do things from love as a medicine of all the medicines.
• The number 4 created the power of freedom – the ability to be or not to be at any place where you are found.
• The number 5 created the power of thinking – the ability to create through thinking, belief, and new reality.
• The number 6 created the power of unity – the ability to strengthen the difference to create unity and harmony,
• The number 7 created the power of observation – the ability to know yourself through others and through your experiences.
• The number 8 created the power of healing – the ability to discern that as you learn more, you understand less.
• The number 9 created the power of immunity – the ability to learn how to learn and to find the required knowledge in the required time.
• The number 10 created the power of discovery – the ability to accept reality and address the causes for the purpose of changing the result.
The twelve intelligences in the physical dimension express the ability to define and realize objectives.
• The Hebrew letter hay, ה, created the sense of sight – the ability to see things visually, spatially, supra-sensory, using the imagination, multidisciplinary.
• The Hebrew letter vahv, ו, created the sense of hearing – the ability to hear sounds, tones, frequencies, to process them, to have discipline and give meaning.
• The Hebrew letter zahyin, ז, created the sense of smell – the ability to smell truth or lie and the ability to act from the personal truth.
• The Hebrew letter chet, ח, created the sense of speech – the ability to speak, to write, to share, to lecture, to distinguish between right and wrong.
• The Hebrew letter tet, ט, created the sense of taste – the ability to differentiate between good and evil and the ability to act for the good.
• The Hebrew letter yood, י, created the sense of deed – the ability to take the initiate and do and the ability to distinguish between what is permitted and what is prohibited.
• The Hebrew letter lamed, ל, created the sense of touch – the ability to discover through contact, body, nature, dance, movement, arts, drawing.
• The Hebrew letter nuhn, נ, created the sense of way – the ability to make a process into an objective, for the solving of complex survival problems.
• The Hebrew letter samech, ס, created the sense of the gut – the ability to practice internalization and personal training, the ability to act out of belief.
• The Hebrew letter ahyin, ע, created the sense of the mind – the ability to play, logic, classification, processing, analysis, question, conscious investigation.
• The Hebrew letter zadik, צ, created the sense of the heart – the ability to connection, compassion, commitment, acceptance, integration and management of others.
• The Hebrew letter koof, ק, created the sense of the cell – the ability to cope with moral and value-oriented dilemmas, human dignity and freedom.

The 32 intelligences are human potential. Every person has a unique profile of intelligences through which he can determine objectives and excel in them. Human potential, namely, all the person’s abilities, everything is found between aleph א (the beginning, the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet) and tahf ת (the end, the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet), from 1 to 10. All the letters with the addition of the numbers represent the abilities and human potential

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