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The Lousky Method – 32 Intelligences

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The Lousky Method – 32 Intelligences

The French psychologist, Alfred Binet, developed a ladder of age-specific intelligence units, which is based on the theory that intelligence changes as a person matures. Accordingly, a person’s intelligence measurement (IQ) is defined as the relation between the intelligence age (the individual ability of the person being tested) and a person’s age (the standard ability of people of the same age.)

The IQ test was first developed by Binet and Theodore Simon in 1916 (the Binet-Simon Scale), and was intended as a tool for categorizing pupils into regular schools and special education schools. This test continues to be the basis for intelligence testing throughout the Western world, and is used for classifying pupils and forecasting their education success. The IQ test measures those skills that have been determined to be necessary for educational success, such as verbal skills, mathematical reasoning abilities, and the ability to remember numbers and words.

The understanding that people are able to gain achievements, personal development and joy of life through many different ways and methods was the basis to the development of the unique methods called the “Lousky Method”. The basis of this method is the concept of 32 intelligences for achieving mind-body balance. The method is the result of many years of research and is founded is the “Book of Creation”, attributed to the patriarchal Abraham.

According to the Lousky Method, each one of the 32 intelligences appears in each individual, to one degree or another, so that a person can be “intelligent” in many different and diverse ways. For example, one may have an intelligence for marketing, acting, drawing/painting, sports, organization, writing, editing, managing sales, entrepreneurship, poetry, planning, interpersonal relationships (in all life skills and in all simple actions) – rather than being “intelligent” in the areas of verbal skills or mathematical reasoning, as defined by the traditional theory of intelligence. Each individual has a unique “intelligence profile” that shapes their personality, their outlook and beliefs, and their understanding of the world, which they use to resolve problems.

The Lousky Method is an education, therapeutic method for achieving mind-body balance through the 32 intelligences. An intelligence is the ability to resolve problems and create measurable, quantifiable results.
Intelligences can be fixed, strengthened, and enhanced as needed. The intelligences themselves are life skills that characterize the simple, natural actions that bind all people.

Scientific research in recent years in the area of intelligence development has determined that each intelligence is tied to a cultural aspect; therefore, each must be examined in a context that is familiar and relevant to the individual. In addition, an individual must have an optimal environment for expanding their ability to express their intelligence.

The role of society is to identify an individual’s abilities, and to help them attain a field that best suits their skills and talents, a field that will provide them with usefulness, competitiveness, and satisfaction, and will strengthen the intelligences in which that individual excels. This makes it possible to contribute to raising an individual’s self-esteem and to realize each individual’s full potential.

Despite the clear differences between people and the wide diversity of “intelligence profiles”, people are still evaluated and tested using a limited number of standardized, “conventional” testing methods. In this unrealistic situation, the main capabilities that are emphasized are speech and thought. This means that only people who excel in these two fields are considered high achievers and successful. Meanwhile, those who do less well in these two fields are considered weak students who are unable to meet the requirements of the system. As such, they get caught up in a circular, frustrating process of mediocrity and failure, to the point where many simply drop out of the system.

The role we have taken upon ourselves, together with others, is to provide each individual with a “stage” and a window of opportunity to express the diverse texture that characterizes intelligences, which are often hidden and do not always manifest themselves in the existing framework. Through this method, we have chosen to open a door to a better world for each and every individual.

The Lousky Method aims to achieve harmony through the whole individual, and sees the individual as the source of creation. Accordingly, the sources of healing and correction can be found in natural resources as well as in people themselves. The body is a mirror of one’s soul, and an individual is a mirror of their environment and experiences.

Through the feedback method and mirroring, an individual is able to understand reality as it is formed, and to understand how and why it occurs, in order to create a better world for each and every one.

The 32 Intelligences are a methodology as well as a method of operation, both in space and time; they are the mold and its content, the passageway of intelligence and the intelligence itself, and the creator and the creation itself.
The healing process takes place when the life force flows through the 32 passageways in order to maintain the passages and paths open, to remove blockages, clear them, correct any problems, and maintain balance. The process of development and personal growth takes place when the life force flows through the passages with the purpose to expand and create new bonds between the passages.

According to the Lousky Method, a patient’s desire to rectify and to find a goal and purpose in life, as well as their belief in their facility for self-healing and ability to start afresh – are the basic principles of life empowerment. These, according to the Lousky Method, are both the cure and “miracle” of the desired treatment. 
The harmony we seek to create with the universe will occur naturally when each individual achieves internal harmony with himself or herself through mind-body balance.

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