The theory of pipes holds
that everything is piping.

What is the theory of pipes?
The theory of pipes in the Lousky method holds that everything is piping.
Everything in the body, in the universe.
In the universe. It is a tube into which something enters
on one side and must come out on the other.
It comes out on the other side to leave an empty pipe.
The void wants fill and therefore fills up.
When it fills up, it empties again.
An independent motor that operates ceaselessly force is
called the force of life and is the willpower inherent in everything, in man and in nature.
Indians call it prana. The Chinese call it qi.
The Japanese call it Kand,
in Hebrew it’s called willpower – is the life force.

Power from life is created by the inherent
contrast of everything in nature.
The goal of polarity is to bring the person to produce energy from himself. An engine for inter change.
The presence of opposites creates the harmony
needed for interchange.

Back to the pipe. If the tube is empty,
it can again get fuller.
If the pipe is filled with something,
it will lead to blockage malfunction,
problems, disease and death.

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