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The Vision of Integrated Medicine

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The Vision of Integrated Medicine

By Dr. Dany Lousky

The integration of the scientific approach, according to which the person’s body is the center of empirical investigation, with the holistic approach, which sees the human body as a reflection of what happens in the person’s mind, is the vision of integrated medicine.
Scientific medicine focuses on the physical elements. Lousky medicine addresses the dimensions related to systems of relationships, frustrations, fears, human traits, life habits, thoughts, values, and beliefs, as a source of mishaps and illnesses. The vision of integrated medicine is an integration of the different approaches into one integrated treatment.
The body does not exist as one separate entity, the body reflects what happens in the mind. Every part of the body is linked to the thoughts, approaches, and beliefs, to the feelings and emotions, to the experiences and occurrences, and in each one there is the ability to receive so as to give. The lack of understanding of the action of the mechanism of ‘give receive’ is a cause of risk and illnesses. To ‘only receive’, like eating without stopping is like declaring a great love without its physical realization, like experiencing great fear without sharing, like absorbing a considerable amount of scholastic material without waiting to internalize it or convey it onwards. The inability to convey it onwards, the inability to move between the dimensions is a primary risk factor of illnesses. One of the discoveries of Carlos Castanada is that the world that people can perceive is similar to an onion and our system of interpretation allows us to perceive only one layer of the onion (Meged, 1998). For the therapists with integrated medicine, all the layers of the onion are accessible and they also can be a part of our human heritage. The other parallels worlds are multidisciplinary, enabling to act and struggle therein; they are worlds in which the person can live and die, just like in the physical dimension.
In the vision of integrated medicine, the fear is removed through love. The therapist using integrated medicine begins every treatment with observation, so as to see at least one thing that he likes in the patient. This way releases the fear and ensures another system of relations between the therapist and the patient. Integrated medicine necessitates its practitioners to evince a great degree of openness and bravery, so as to achieve understanding and learning. ‘Doing and hearing’ – the action is what creates the ability to see, to hear, and even to create a new meaning.
The vision of integrated medicine sees, in the operating room of medical centers, a physician who has been trained in holistic methods and a holistic therapist who has basic medical training. The physician and the therapist will diagnose the patient and make a shared decision on the continuation of the process. When an examination diagnoses a physical problem, the course of treatment will be scientific and medical, and in parallel, or after this treatment, treatments from the holistic approach will be incorporated – personal therapy according to the dimension, an awareness workshop, a support group, or a development group. When there are no physical pathological findings, the course of treatment will be according to the holistic approach, and in parallel, there will be a continuation of tests and follow-up according to the scientific medical approach. This way ensures that the patient will be at the center. This way ensures the management of the patient’s health instead of the management of the illness.
In the vision of integrated medicine, in every medical center there will be a holy space. This holy space is a space sanctified to high awareness, clean and pure, enabling work in the four dimensions: in the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions. In the sacred space drinking and eating are not allowed, there will be calm music throughout the day, there will be lit candles, there will be pictures and colors that connect to the ‘home’, there will be smells of incense for purification, there will be stones, oils, and musical instruments. In the holy space there will be meditation every day, different activities, support groups for the patients and their families, awareness workshops, circles of love – circles of listening, circles of women, circle of men, circles for conflict and problem resolution. People will sit on the floor, on cushions that will allow the body to connect to the ground while the head rises, in the imagination, high to the sky.
In the vision of integrated medicine, the therapist will diagnose the imbalance that appears in body or mind. He will search for the root of the problem, he will dig until he finds the reason, and he will look until the benefits that the patient obtains through the illness surface. The therapist will diagnose through a series of non-invasive instruments according to the holistic approach and the physician will further the diagnosis as required according to the scientific approach.
A sick person is a person who lives in a state of imbalance or sense of lack. A healthy person lives in balance or in a feeling that he does not lack anything and therefore he is happy with what he has. When the lack or sense of lack continues, the balance is disrupted, and pains, bodily aches appear, as an alarm and signal; this is an inner message to stop, to look, and to correct. An illness is a desire that is created as a result of the lack that is not fulfilled over time or a surplus that floods the ‘tool’ and cracks or breaks it. The root of the illness is the disruption of the communication between the body and the mind – a great hole in the soul that creates a small hole in the body. The seeds of the illness begin with fears that originate in the past, in the lack of acceptance of what exists that originates in the present, concern and anxiety of the future. When a strong pain appears, it is necessary to immediately treat the body, in any way, to provide a fast solution for the pain, but it is necessary to understand that the source of the problem of the failure with the body is found in the emotional, intellectual, or spiritual dimensions. In each one of the four dimensions, there can be an obstruction of the life energy that will cause an erosion of the equilibrium and a disruption of the harmony.
An illness is a collection of blocked intelligences or a blockage of one channel that creates a change in the natural combinations that enable normal and balanced action. Symptoms in the spiritual dimension and lack of desire to give are caused by feelings of loneliness, loss of way and purpose in life, fear of abandonment, sense of victimization, feeling of betrayal, guilt, and shame. This situation can cause phenomena and mishaps in the intellectual dimension, such as difficulties concentrating, worry, shame, confusion, forgetfulness, poor self-esteem, and difficulty and rigidity in decision making. This situation promotes the development of symptoms and mishaps in the emotional dimension, such as agitation and sadness, variable moods, depressions, fears, anger, sense of emotional lack, feelings of guilt, aggressiveness, feelings of being closed, over-eating, exaggerated smoking, drinking, and self-flagellation, communication problems, accusations of others, jealousy, and hatred. All these at the end of the process will cause in the physical dimension illnesses and mishaps such as tiredness, headaches, dryness in the mouth, nausea, vomiting, shaking, diarrhea, speech difficulties, teeth grinding, impotence, premature ejaculation, high blood pressure, heart problems, stomach pains, asthma, cancer, diabetes, loss of job, business failure, marriage failure, destroyed relations with the environment, deterioration to crime, drinking, smoking, drugs, and damage to the immune system.
In every case of mishap, pain, or illness in the physical world, the reason and the solution are found in the intelligences in the emotional dimension. In every case of illness in the emotional world, the reason and the solution are found in the intelligences in the intellectual dimension. For every problem that appears in the intellectual dimension, the reason and the solution are found in the intelligences in the spiritual dimension. When a problem appears in the spiritual world, its reason and solution are found in the intelligences in the spiritual dimension – since the spirit is created by the spirit.
In the vision of integrated medicine, every intentional human action is an act of an artist and an action of healing. Many people heal themselves using simple actions such as sleeping, laughter, crying, walking, nutrition, drawing, writing, play, films, contact, love, speech, sharing, listening, forgiveness, dreams, hugging, mediation, compassion. (All are lousky medicines.) In every simple human action there is the force of healing. Integrated medicine aspires to the balance between the desire to receive and the desire to give, so as to allow the force of life and the free will to flow in each one of the 32 intelligences. The therapist who was trained in integrated medicine will act through the treatment methods for which he was trained in the physical dimension (scientific medicine as well) and in the emotional dimension, intellectual dimension, and spiritual dimension (treatments basket) so as to open the blockage that has caused the illness. The opening of the blocked channels of energy will cause the correction of the genetic code that caused the appearance of the illness. The patient’s desire to correct, to find a destiny and purpose in life, and the belief in his ability to heal himself and being all anew are a basic principle for the empowerment of the life force and the medicine and the desired treatment ‘miracle’.

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