What is written on the wall
in your subconscious

What are hidden beliefs?
The hidden beliefs are in the subconscious.
The hidden beliefs are the writing on the wall, the structure of our personality to which we magnify our events, people, skills and reality.
This is similar to the address we record in the ways navigation software and then the software takes us to the registered address.
If we decide to turn to another street or deviate from the path, the software will recalculate and take us to the address written on the wall in the software. Therefore, our goal is to write in the software the address we want.
The address written in the navigation software will be our destinations,
our dreams or the list of skills we want to acquire.
The successes, the health, the amazing relationship we want.
All this must be registered on our wall.
And in order for this to happen, we must bring together the conscious and subconscious with the super conscious so that our three memories will work in perfect coordination and synchronization. And then the desired and the real will meet and there will be no more gap between what I want and what comes out.

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