You must read this article. now!

… trust me when I say – you do not want to leave! 
It would be like seeing a suitcase full of money
and just passing by…
“. Dr. lousky daniel

Dr. lousky daniel


This is Dr. Dany Lousky,

Are you looking for a different and proven
new way to take your life one step higher?
To be more successful?
Make more money?
Be healthier?
More talented?
More creative?

You must read this article, now.

If you were able to choose, what would you choose?

What skill would you choose?

To be a better person?

To make more money?

To be healthier?

To be happier?

To better communicate with people?

To be more focused?

To succeed better in business?

What if I were to tell you that you could significantly improve your skills -in any field you choose – and start seeing improvement in 20 minutes?

Is there something you would like to improve in life? receive strength that you never had? a talent you wish to possess? innovative knowledge?

Keep reading this article Because in this short article I am about to reveal the secrets that turned a small group into true “super heroes”.

And most importantly, I am about to show you, step by step, how you could do the same!

Maybe you wish to expand your business, 
Or fix relationships, Or be more focused, 
Or make your dreams come true.

If so, this article was created specifically for you.

Maybe you would like to sleep better,

understand better,

communicate better,

to boost your self-confidence.

basically, improve your life any way you want to.

If so, I can assure you that you will be amazed by what you are about to Read.

But there is a catch…

If you would like to find out how to
activate your super powers …

You must reade this article now.

That’s because I cannot guarantee it will
stay online for much longer.

I will explain why in a few moments…

What I can say, is that we might take it
off the website…

Probably later today.

If this happens and you still havne’t watched it …

You will never learn the great secrets of the
Book of Creation 

The  secrets that could, easily, change your live forever.

The  secrets that has proven themselves
for 3800 years.

luckily , the article is online now, and you are here.
So … trust me when I say – you do not want to leave!

It would be like seeing a suitcase full of money
and just passing by…

Or finding a genie in a bottle,  
and not requesting the wishes you deserve …

Well, you get the idea.

If you just stay for a few more minutes, you will see exactly how the technology of the
Book of Creation can change your live.

So before we get started …
allow me to introduce myself

As I mentioned earlier, my name is Danny Lusky.
You may recognize me from television shows hosted by Prof. Carasso, or recognize my name as the author of a book you’ve read.

I helped thousands of people to make their dreams come true. I developed the unique Lusky method and the 32 intelligences according to the Secrets of the Book of Creation.

I believe that each person should live as they
choose to live, in strength, good health, wealth and continuous success.

I get excited each time people are willing to work with me, aiming to break free of their blockages, and take off to a better place.

This is my vision, and I am excited to have you here with me today.

I’m excited because I am about to expose the great secret of the Book of Creation to you,
and tell how you too can achieve the same results.

But first I would like to ask you a question.

if you could acquire a new skill, a value,
or a quality, right now.

What would it be?

Release yourselves from your blockage ?

Be more self-confident?

Make more money?

be healthier?

Make more dreams come true?

Be a better person?

Take a moment and imagine as if you’ve
already received what you want.

Imagine you have as much of it as you want.

That you are living the life you have always wanted…

Would you have liked to possess the same skills as someone you admire?
an actor?
A scientist?
An athlete?
A business person?
A rich man or woman?
good do you wish to be?

Is it possible that there is a short series of actions that you can perform for as little as 13 minutes a day? Actions that would significantly and permanently improve your life in all aspects?  health, wealth, money, financial independence, success in everything,

love and successful relationships?

Sound crazy?,


Can’t be done?

No way?

Well, let’s see if I can convince you otherwise.

You are going to be very,
very surprised by what you are about to learn.

In order to understand what I am talking about,
we will have to go back in time …

The year is  1805 BC, Abraham- father of Judaism,
and of all religions – this special man who
revealed the divinity –

received a small 5-page book called the
“Book of Creation”. Containing codes and formulas,
the book describes how to create success,
health, love, vision, and wealth.
In fact it is a book which describes how God created the world, and how humans can create their own world.

The power of the book was so great, their greatest fear was that it would get into the wrong hands.
Therefore, Abraham cut the book in twelve parts(!)
and gave part twelve special chosen ones. Each of them kept his part, and passed it down –
from father to son – through generations.

Thus the Book of Creation was hidden from us
for 3800  years. Those who hid one of the 12  parts
of the book were much healthier and successful than others. They lived  long, healthy and quality lives. They lived a lives of wealth and happiness, they ruled their lives and the lives of others.
They lived a life of “free will” –
they lived as they wanted.

Everything they touched became magical and successful. They learned how God created his world through the book, and they followed his footsteps,
they created their own world. They created successes, health, focus, joy of life, they created plants, they created animals – and finally dared to create a person, in the form of a golem, known as a Golem of Prague. They created everything using formulas and codes from the Book of Creation. And each using only one part of the book.

Those who hid the secrets of the Book of Creation innocently thought that they are protecting other people. They claimed that ordinary people who approached the Book of Creation and the secrets in it, could be burned to death – them and their families. They spread fear, and that fear became a deadly virus. The fear they spread prevented the entire human race from accessing the secrets of the Book of Creation.

Only  1100 years ago, the different parts of the book were collected and assembled through many years of work in an attempt to restore the original text.

The best researchers and scientists presented proofs that indicate that the Book of Creation is a manual given by God to humans. Scientists claim that, as all manufacturers provide a guidebook with the product they sell, God gave humans a guidance book which
is the Book of Creation.

They took the book, read the codes, and studied the formulas and codes listed within, by which they lived life as they wanted – without boundaries or limitations.

For many generations, the Sages of Israel have studied the book and have written many commentaries on it, the most famous of which are Saadiah Gaon, Ramban, Isaac ben Shlomo of Israel, Donash ben Tamim, R. Shabtai Donolo, Rabbi Yehuda ben Barzilai of Bresloni, Rabbi Yitzchak Segi Nahorת Rabbi Yitzhak Halevi of Acre, the Ramak and the Vilna Gaon Rabbi Judah Halevi. Tens of Thousands of studies have been made about the Book of Creation. Prof. Leibas, the Israel Prize laureate from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, wrote in his book “The Theory of the Creation of the Book of Creation” that the Book of Creation is a guidebook given by God to all mankind.

To this day most people do not touch the book, they are still infected with a virus that has been planted in their minds for 3800 years.

I as well did not approach the book of creation for many years, and only when I decided that I was willing to die for it if necessary, did I approach it. When I did it, I did not burn or die.

On the contrary, things began to fall into order, and then I got closer, and saw that I was still alive. I was not dead, and no one around me died! And so I got closer and investigated and asked questions. Now, in 20 years of research I have written 14 books of guidance and commentary about the Book of Creation.

In recent years I have seen in the Book of Creation, the simplicity of the greatest secret of all that dramatically changed lives, in every aspect. I saw the genius of its simplicity, I saw the technology used by all those who kept the secrets. Yes, it eluded through 20 years of research. But now I have decided to expose these great secrets to the whole world.

The people who kept the secrets were smarter, richer, more successful and healthier, while others were just watching them.

They did that using the simple technology they discovered in the Book of Creation.

How did they do it?

I’ll explain soon

But first …

What kind of advantage would you want to have?

Would you like to be smarter?



More creative?

Using the technology of the Book of Creation you can choose any advantage you want to have…

Whatever talent or ability you wish to possess – you can achieve it and start enjoying it. immediately

The ability to solve problems.



Deep thinking.




. Public speaking

All you have to do is choose

And these skills will be drawn to your personality like a magnet.

You can imagine the surprised looks others will have once they see you at your best, telling jokes, smiling, feeling great, enjoying being the best version of yourself.

For generations, only a few privileged people knew this special technology.

The technology is very simple, but because of its simplicity it did not stand out and therefore people didn’t see it. It is genius – simply divine.

In order to connect to the technology and secrets of the Book of Creation, you must dedicate 13-minute of your day to practice it. No more.

It is very simple and does not require any special effort.

Is it magical?

Not at all.

This is a real technology that has been preserved for thousands of years, and over the years has been successfully perfected and tested on thousands of people who managed to live the life they dreamed

No researcher has ever been able to crack the code or the formula as the Book of Creation does.

It is simply knowledge from another world, millions of light years away from what was known to researchers.

Imagine… this technology could do a million times more than any other technology you know.


It was not easy reaching a true understanding of the original formula of the Book of Creation, but…

Now, for the first time, we are exposing the technology based on the codes and formulas of the Book of Creation.

Remember I said that once the article reaches an optimal number of viewers it will be taken off the web.

We must remove it in order to provide a good service for all our viewers.

So if you are here now, you should feel lucky.

It means you have encountered something only a few number of people will ever have the chance to experience.

Click the button below to get started.

And get a copy for yourselves.

What are you about to get in your copy?

One -a 7 minute audio file to practice the technology.

Two – The Complete Guide to Secrets of the Book of Creation – A digital booklet for you to read from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Three – bonus – best seller – spiritual coaching – PDF file

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Now is the time!

Once we reach the number of subscriptions we have set, in order to provide the optimal support to each of our clients, we will close the registration,

Once the registration is closed, we cannot guarantee it will be available again in the future.

The only way to guarantee your order is to act now.

I am Dr. Dany Lousky Thank you for reading this article.

We will meet again when I present the technology and the best-kept secrets of the Book of Creation to you.


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